Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw a Cartoon Man

How to draw a man or boy. Circle for the head. Cartoon circles for the
eyes. Make him smiling. A little small circle for the nose. Give him any kind of hair you
want. If you want it kind of parted on the side there and a little bit right there. For
a cartoon man you don’t have to worry about an ear. If you want to make it look like a
funny looking kid with big ears you can put little circles but not for the man. Do the
arms like this coming down. You can give him a nice collar. Just two simple rectangles
like that. A button down shirt.
Hands real easy. Almost the same as the feathers on the bird. Now I drew four fingers. You
are not seeing the fifth. You can draw five if you like. Pants very easy. Shoe, shoe,
laces real easy. And there you have a man. You want to make a boy. Almost the same thing.
You might want to give him a baseball cap. And you can give him a neck too. I didn’t
really give the man had a tight buttoned up shirt. So you can’t see his neck very well.
But boys just smaller. You can give him shorts if you want. Give him more cool looking sneakers.
Every kid would die for these sneakers.
You can give him slightly short sleeved shirts. And give him ears if you want. I’m not really
into cartoon ears. There you go that’s it.

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