Easy Arts and Crafts Painting Projects : Painting Fabric: How to Care for Painted Fabric

Welcome to expertvillage.com. I am Angela
Sage Larsen. I hope you will visit my website at petalwinkthefairy.com. Now that your fabric
piece is all finished and dried and everyone is impressed with your handy work, it is time
to talk about the care of your piece. This cotton tote bag, when I put it in the washing
machine or hand wash it I turn it inside out so that the paint is protected. So anything
that is going in the wash if it is possible at all to turn it inside out, that will help
protect the paint. And then you will probably want to use cold water and if ironing is necessary
you want to iron it on the other side, so that you are not ironing directly on the paint,
because the paint will melt and it will stick to your iron and make a big mess. But because
the paint is permanent, you do not need to worry about fading or chipping off and if
it does chip off, you can always touch it up with your expertise.

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