Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own…

I’m gonna zoom out. I feel like I’m like way too close. Okay hi. How’s it going? So a year and a half ago, I did a video where I had drawn with every single colored pencil that I own. And today, mainly because I ran out of ideas for 2019, I’m gonna be doing that exact same thing except with markers, so without further ado, let’s jump into it! *Intro music* Starting off with a piece of paper, I’m not gonna use just a regular paper but a very large piece of acrylic paper, something that can take a beating, something that’s gonna be able to hold like layers upon layers of markers and I’m gonna be drawing this picture of my puppy. Aww, isn’t she the cutest? I love you Bowie. *Upbeat background music* Ohh-kay, who is rea-dyyyy? I’m so excited! The first set of markers that I’m using are these Ohuhus that my hand is literally covering right now, and these were sent to me I believe by the company and I just kind of keep them randomly in this bag. *Music continues* Now for this first round it’s important to note that we have a long, LO-HO-HONG way to go before I’m even close to done so for this first round, I’m literally just putting little “eh” marks all over. I’m really just pacing myself with this round, I’m not doing anything crazy, just like creating the outline and getting that idea of the drawing that is to come. *Music continues* Next I’m going in with even more Ohuhu markers. But this time the fabric markers as well as the whole entire collection of the art alternative markers. *Music continues, louder* Now for this second round, this is truly where it starts to kind of get that idea of what’s to come. So now I had to start thinking about color opposites, color layout, the color wheel and just like start thinking about how I’m gonna be able to put literally hundreds of colors and make it work and not look like a crazy blob of puke rainbow, and I took a lot of inspiration from faubism, which was like an old-school art style. When I say old school I’m talking about like, literally a hundred and twenty years old, and basically that’s what I was going for, is like how they managed to do it, that’s how I was gonna do. *Music* You thought we were done with Ohuhus? Dude, not even close. I still have this massive, MASSIVE, like just um, container of Ohuhus that now I’m really gonna have to like, start utilizing the space that this drawing is in. *Epic music* And by the way, you’re probably wondering why I have so many Ohuhus specifically and that’s just a mix of that I really like them, I buy them, and they also sent me some, so like not only do I have the ones that I bought but I also have a whole entire collection that they sent me which I’m really thankful for. *Music continues* Hi guys, sorry for having to like, pause the video but the amount of markers that I used, the smell of alcohol just like overwhelmed me. At this point I’m having to take a break just because I’m getting overwhelmed with the smell, my head is hurting and I just need some time to let it dry and like, soak into the paper. Some I’m gonna give it maybe like an hour, hour and a half, do some shopping and we’ll see if this headache goes away. *Sims music* All right, back to it! Next up I have just like a bunch of rando markers that I’m gonna use, for example, I have these Crayola ones which I did a review on and I was NOT happy with. I have these Cra-z-art markers which, I don’t know, I bought ’em for a video one time and I literally just never used them again. And I don’t even think that video ever came through, I just like literally have them and I’m gonna donate them very soon. Adding that with the other three randos that I have, that leads us to an extra 39 markers. Alright next up, these aren’t necessarily alcohol-based markers but there’s a lot of them and I wanted to include them and that’s the, Artesia? Art-te-za? Art-tease-uh? I don’t know. The Arteza 96 pack watercolor marker pen things. *Upbeat music* And you know, I guess I do kind of regret using these because they’re not necessarily a marker, they’re more towards like a emulating watercolor type thing and plus they were much darker than everything else. So it kind of like sticks out on the final piece that I completed. *Music continues* This, this is my big boy. This container right here I believe, holds the most markers out of literally everything that I have. And you guys might have seen this in my studio tour where I went and showed you guys like my whole entire studio collection, and I have to be very very careful handling this because at any point in time the markers could just like topple all over the place, but do you see this? Look how large this is. Ugh, it’s so heavy! I have to go put this up. It’s, it’s too heavy. Last one baby, let’s go! And I apologize because literally this thing is so tall I wasn’t even able to get it in frame and you’ll see here in a bit, I tried like a bunch of different angles, but I was never able to get it in frame so you’re just gonna have to trust me that I used 216 different markers within this case. *Background music* And after all of that time, we have finally finished with the very last marker that I own. *Sims music* Okay, so that, ladies and gentlemen, completes the final piece. I think I did a good job considering how many markers I had to use. And I use so much ink, I’m kind of curious to know if it like, leaked through the paper. Ohh! Little bit, a little bit of leakage, not too bad. Guys, look at all these markers. Oh my god! It’s the next day and I still haven’t cleaned them up, but there’s so many! All from that. Oh hey, I also have an art Instagram, so if you’d like to go check out my artwork, check out behind-the-scenes stuff, check out just some drawings, keep up with me, seeing what’s going on with the world of Rae. I always, always, always post updates there. And yeah, @Rae_Dizzle. Oh, oh! And one more, I got the amazing opportunity to be flown out, to my very first time, in California to go film this video with ZHC, my friend Zach. Last one to stop drawing wins $10,000 and yeah, it would just mean the world to me if you went, got and checked out his video, he spent a lot of money on it, a lot of time. And most importantly like, he believed in us as artists to be out there and make the video. It’s really awesome. And yeah, it’d just be a really awesome way to show support. So anyway, I think I’ve made this video long enough, and I will talk to you later. Bye! *End music*

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