Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations

hi very nice James: Hi everyone, I’m here with Jaiden Animations JaidenA: Hi James: Today we’re gonna draw Pokemon from memory! JaidenA : Yayyyyyy!!! james: We both have-… We’re gonna do one from each generation And! There is a time limit of four hours per drawing (picture) So… JaidenA: Alright so, strap in… This is gonna be a long video everyone! james: Alright, so your Gen 1 Pokemon, that I chose for you… Omanyte??? Lord Helix (Praise Him) jaidenA: And your’s is Meowth James: Meowth?? JaidenA: Yeah We’re starting off easy james: Yeah, this is level 1 No reference picture just… Art jaidenA: My biggest, like fear right now is being like “Oh yeah I’m a Pokemon fan” and then like drawing everything wrong Oh No, I feel like i should have studied for a test I feel like I’m in school again james: Why is this so hard?! He was like in every episode (No) I can’t remember him! If he has a nose or not JaidenA: Lord Helix I’m sorry (You are forgiven) James: Oh Crap Oh that’s on the same layer Oh No Maybe since he’s like a villain, he should be like “Hmmmm” you know? jaidenA: He’s like a bad Villain Like not bad as in evil james: But like a bad villain JaidenA: But actually bad james: When i going to be editing this i am just going to have a picture of it, like just off to the side JaidenA: I really get the feeling I’m missing something But I don’t know what else to add. James: I mean… it’s just like a shell and then like something popping out of the shell, right? JaidenA: Yeah, I think so I think I’m done James: Should we be giving any drawing tips? JaidenA: I always say practice James: That’s true JaidenA: And people are like ah Jaiden no. There’s….. Say something else. I’m like I don’t know what else to say. That’s… yeah. You just have to practice. James: Can’t remember if Meowth has a nose. I’m looking at it with and without the nose. So…… Whatever, Okay. It’s done, It’s fine. JaidenA: (Typing) Lord Helix himself. (James Awwwwwing) (Snorts) (Jaiden also Awwing) James: You actually did color it. (2nd aww for luck) (And cute giggle) james: You’re pretty spot on. Mmm.. Yeah. Does he have a nose (NOPE) (Contemplates Nose-Ology) No (Noise too weird to caption) He doesn’t?! I’m missing like a couple of…. Like… these. Woops ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . And his eyeballs are like this. Y’know Mmmmmm yeah…okay JaidenA: Alright. Next one. James: Next one. Your Gen 2 Pokemon is… Houndoom. The grown up. Houndoom? The grown up of…. of the Hounduras. Is that the baby one? (It’s not) JaidenA: Houndour and Houndoom. (Weird James Noise) James: Whatever Pokemon master. (James The Edgy Queen) JaidenA: And yours is Flaffy. Flaffy? Yeah, do you know which one that is? Uhhhh… Explain it. Mareep… The… The sheep one. (It’s adorable) Uh-huh The very first Sheep. Yeah? The… the pink one. It’s the second one. (Realization) S.. Wait. So it’s like a sheep. An Electric Sheep. That’s pink. Yes I got it. A little sheep afro. Augh! I’m doing it on the same layer again Just… Just gonna extend the canvas. Here we go. I”m just… I need to restart. Like, a lot of it. I thought you were gonna say I need to research. (Shipping Continues) That’s the whole point of these Is it weird that I actually sketch with a stabilizer I think it has ears (well duh) Yeah, It totally has ears I know he has a skull on his chest This looks like a seashell Somethings off I can’t think of what though. I.. I know! It has little like, sheep fur. Somewhere else. Just drawing Manectric yesterday. And this is like the opposites. Like…. the fire doggo vs electric doggo. Wait?, wait wait. Oh ohhhhh Okay, I thought you were talking about the thing I was drawing I was like wait. My thing’s a doggo. I thought it was a sheep.

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