Drawing Characters from Memory w/ theodd1sout & SomethingElseYT

James: Hey, everyone welcome back to an amazing video with Jaaaaaaiden Animaaations!!! James: Is that- is that good?
Jaiden: Yeah, that’s- I’m going with that one. Thanks for doing that for me! Yeah, we’re doing a drawing video. We’ve got James here- James: Hey~ Jaiden: And then we also got Adam, who is SomeThingElseYT Adam: Hello! Jaiden: We’re- we’re all good friends and stuff, but we haven’t had Adam in a video. Adam: Mhm yee~ Jaiden: What we’re going to do is we’re gonna draw ICONIC CHARACTERS from MEMORY Adam: Oh wait- from memory??
Jaiden: s-s..so ye- That’s what we’re doing?? James: DUDE!>:( Jaiden: did you look it up?? :0 James: Did you look it up? Adam: Well, no-..well yeah, I looked it up, but- Jaiden: ADAM! *laugh*
Adam: -now I, you know- Adam: Well- *laugh* Adam: Well no, I don’- I don’- I don’t have it looked up right now James: K, well, just forget it, forget it right now. Jaiden: Just pretend that you didn’t like..*laugh* So everyone has to draw the.. Bagel (Doughnut) Witch, from Adventure Time Adam: Yea Adam: YES! Oh yes! I love bagels. James: I haven’t- James: I re- I think I saw that-
Jaiden: Do you know what we’re talking about? James: I saw that episode but I don’t remember what she looks like. Jaiden: That’s the point. She’s like my favorite character. Adam: Oh, she’s the best! Jaiden: I want her to come back. I want her in the season finale. James: I like only seen- you know what, I have a better idea. This is good. I’m gonna- I’m taking so much creative liberty with this. Adam: I don’t know- I just realized something. *coughs* *dramatic inhale* I don’t know how to draw.. *Jaiden and James laugh* Jaiden: Tough luck!
James: *laughs* James: Okay, so a bagel witch? or is it the doughnut witch? Y-You know what, it doesn’t matter- *Adam gets drowned out by James and Jaiden* Jaiden: It’s the doughnut witch.
Adam: It really doesn’t matter James: Cuz I’m literally-
Jaiden: Because she’s like- Jaiden: “YOU’RE A BAGEL!” Jaiden: ..Like so she- *James laughs* She doesn’t like the bagels *laughs* James: *keeps laughing* Adam: Think I’m doing pretty well. *gasp* Oh- no, I’m not. Jaiden: So we should probably explain the reason why we’re recording this is cause we’re gonna be gone for- James: A long time, yeah. Jaiden: Yeah, we’re going to be going to Vidcon, and then Well.. I think when this is up- We’re recording in advance James: I hav- I’ve, you know had friends or parents give advice to me, where I’d be like: “Aw, I’m gonna be busy this next couple of weeks.” ,and they always say like, “Oh just, ki- have stockpile them, right?” I just- Jaiden: It’s just like, “You don’t understand!” *everyone laughs* James: I wish I could stockpile *laughs* Jaiden: Mine’s kinda done I don’t know what else to add James: yeah, I’m on- I didn’t
Adam: Yeah, mine’s done too. James: I didn’t draw a character. I drew- oh now it looks like a blueberry, hold on. James: So-
Jaiden: HAH!! Haha! Jaiden: ♪ One of these things, are not like the other! ♪ *everyone laughs* James: One could even say it’s THE ODD ONE OUT AAAHHHHH!! *sure james* Adam: I don’t remember what exactly her face looked like- Jaiden: I think we had the same like-
Adam: So I just like *drowned out by Jaiden’s voice* Jaiden: She had a weird, like chin. *laughs*
James and Adam: Yeaaah Jaiden: And then James- Good attempt. Everyone: *laughs* James: The one that I chose is Bowser. Jaiden: Bowser! James: Bowsah! from Mario
Jaiden: Okay, isn’t he your favorite Mario character? James: Uh.. S-Sure from- James: Yeah from Mario, yesss.
Adam: Well it is now! Yeah, actually- You know what yeah, he’s my favorite Mario character. I change my mind. Adam: *chuckles* Adam: I think I’m drawing- I’m drawing a cat. James: Aw shoot, I’m drawing him cute, look at this. Jaiden: You draw everything cute! James: I’m drawing Baby Bowser!
Jaiden: When in doubt, make it cute! Adam: What the freak does Bowser look like?!? Hold up-
Jaiden: *laughs* Jaiden: Does he- He doe- He doesn’t have ears? James: Does Bowser have ears? Jaiden: I know he’s got ssss- Spikies I know he has like a Mohawk thing going on, doesn’t he? James: I have given up. Jaiden: Already? Round Two James has already given up? James: I’m not giving up, but like I’m making him kind of like a kid you know? Jaiden: Isn’t that his kid, Bowser Jr.? Adam: I feel like he has cat lips.. James: I think he has something like going on like- his eyebrows are together? Jaiden: This doesn’t look right.. But I don’t know h- what to do to make it look not wrong anymore. Adam: I got it spot on- I did it, I’m finished! I’m gonna color it. James: I’m- I think I just always default to my legs You know how my legs are lil’ nubs? I think I just default to always drawing those. Adam: You got some- You got some pretty lookin’ legs James: *snorts* Adam: That came out weird wait! Everyone: *giggles* Jaiden: I don’t know how to like- *sigh* I don’t- *another sigh* ..’kay. This doesn’t look right.. James: They have these turtle backpacks for sale Jaiden: They like Hot Topic exclusive? Adam: Or like Tillys or something like that? wait no Jaiden: Yeah Tillys’ is not one of those stores, isn’t it? Jaiden: I dunno. Isn’t it like skater kids? Adam: *singing* ♪ He was a skater boy ♪ Something..later. James: *singing* ♪ She was a boy ♪ Jaiden: She was a boy! *laughs* Jaiden: I feel like he had a belt somewhere. I’m just gonna give himmv- A bunch of belts H-he has a belt, right?? James: What if you drew a Goomba instead? Jaiden: Haha! What if you just drew like-
Adam: Goomba? Luigi? Everyone: *chuckles* Jaiden: I think I’m done Oh- I think I just gave him a bit of a mullet But that’s okay Everyone: AWW! James: You gave him little, like, seatbelts!
Adam: Yeah you’r- Jaiden: Yours is cute
James: *laughs* Adam: He has little seatbelts!
Jaiden: OH! I- Jaiden: He does have-! That’s why I was thinking of the belt! He has the things on his arms!
James: Yeaah James: Wait wh- Jaiden: WHAT?! *laughing* James: What is this Adam??
Adam: *laughing* James: ADAM! Jaiden: What is this Adam?? *Everyone laughs* Adam: It’s Bowser! 😀 See the problem was I-.. ..can’t draw.. James: Oh! He has sorta like a nose. I get it. Yeah, I see it. Adam: Oh, see yeah- he does have like a cat l-li Adam: -mouth but with a weird nose. (Jaiden: Yeah) (James: That’s true) Adam: You guys might not get this one, but Count Chocula. Adam: Do you remember Count Chocula? (James: AHH!) James: From the cereal?
Adam: Yeah, like the cereal. Jaiden: I’ve never heard of that cereal before. :T Adam: You’ve never heard of that cereal?!>:O Jaiden: I’m imagining that he’s kind of like Sesame Street. James: Juan! *One* Ahaha!>:D Adam: I’m picturing the count from like, what’s it called… James: Hotel Transylvania? Adam: Yeah yeah yeah. James: I’M picturing Count Chocula because I KNOW my cereal mascots.
(Jaiden: *laughs*) Adam: People are probably gonna hate the way I draw because I don’t like… I just do- I just draw. Jaiden: *mocking Adam* People hate when I draw because I just DRAW! *everyone laughs* James: Ignore the haters bb James: We had a tradition in my house- -where you were only allowed to eat sugar cereal- -on Christmas morning. (Jaiden: Wow!) Jaiden: So like what cereal would you normally have? (Adam: Whaaaat..?) James: Uh, mm-like Honey Bunches of Oats, Life, Cheerios- not Honey Nut Cheerios, just normal Cheerios. James: Actually, my mom would get Honey Nut Cheerios and real Cheerios and mix them in. Adam: I never liked those cereals as a kid because they were too boring for me. James: What?! Adam: Honey Nut Cheerios. They’re the same flavor every single time. Jaiden: Wait, what kind of cereal are you eating where it’s a different flavor every time?
James: yeah Adam: Well, like…!
*Jaiden and James laugh* Adam: So like, okay, so Lucky Charms. You get the oats flavor and you get the marshmallow flavor. Adam: It’s an explosion of flavor!
*James laughs* Jaiden: *mocking Adam* It’s like two flavors! One whole extra flavor!
*James laughs again* Jaiden: I don’t know what cerea- I think I just like, as a kid, I just had waffles. That’s what I ate before school every morning. Adam: I remember… when it comes to waffles for me, I used to just- I always woke up late, so, I never really had time to like, put the Eggo waffles in the toaster oven. I’d just basically eat it frozen. Jaiden: Aww, that’s so sad… Adam: Well, I- well, uh, it tastes good. Like, I kind of like it better frozen! James: Okay, y-you’re making me sad, Adam. Adam: We-No, no, how… wait. How is that sad? Jaiden: It’s just like a sad food to eat is a cold waffle that’s frozen. *laughs* James: *mocking adam* I like the rock hard, cold, waffles! Jaiden: Can’t wait to wake up in the morning and eat a frozen waffle!
*Adam and James laugh* James: oh hoh That looked like he’s- that looked like a Nazi symbol… Jaiden, don’t put that in there.
(whoops, too late now) Adam: Hey man, that’s too controversial for Youtube. *Jaiden laughs*
Adam: *laughing* Demonetized. James: Oh, Count Chocula, doesn’t he like have a tuxedo thing? Jaiden: Oh, he has a tuxedo? James: *fumbles* I mean n-no, I-I don’t know, does he?
Adam: *incoherent groaning* Jaiden: What is this cereal? I’ve never heard of it. James: It’s just like Coco puffs.
Adam: Like chocolate little vampires. James: *laughs* Looks like he’s wearing a V-neck. I’m going to keep it. Adam: You know, this is making me hungry for chocolate cereal. James: fatty
Jaiden: cool *Jaiden and James laugh*
Jaiden: Two different answers. Jaiden: He’s got a bunch of spoons in this pocket, and then this pocket is for cereal. So it’s like he’s SO ready to give kids cereal. Adam: *shaking* God, I’m SO ready to give children CEREAL Jaiden: Come into the van, children I’ve got chocolatey cereal… James: That’s how they getcha!
Adam: Oh my God… James: Boom.
Jaiden: Oh, okay? I see what you guys did. James and Adam: *chuckle* Jaiden: He’s like much more equipped.
James: He’s equipped.
Adam: Constantly ready. Adam: But wait, wait. Where are his- oh, all his arms are in there, okay. James: Yeah, it’s like just popping out of the trench coat.
Jaiden: Yeah, it’s like under his trench coat. James: He doesn’t even have vampire teeth, he has buck teeth! Adam: What???
Jaiden: Is he like a beaver vampire? :OOO *Everyone laughs*
Adam: *laughing* Beaver-vampire… Jaiden: Whatever. I like my mine better. *James and Adam laugh* Ne-next round. Jaiden: So this is kinda like a two-parter. James: Oh?
Jaiden: The coyote and roadrunner from Looney Tunes. Oooohh James: I think I got the roadrunner down but not the coyote. Adam: I think I got the coyote down and not the roadrunner. Jaiden: I think I’m gonna sweep the floor with both of you! *James laughs* Jaiden: Oh, I made him… he looks like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny combined together, and that’s not what I’m going for. *laughs* I dont know how his head goes! *Jaiden laughs again* Oh no! This is really ugly! *laughing* Adam: Whatever I’m drawing looks freaking TERRIFYING. Jaiden: Oh geez. He looks like the skinny kid in a high school movie. James: I just did something and I’m like, “Yes!” Adam: This looks so stupid… *sigh*
(it’s okay adam) James: Do you guys know how to spell Looney Tunes? Jaiden: Yes!
Adam: Oh! Wait! Uh… James: Adam, Adam how do you spell Looney tunes? Adam: Uhh…
*James chuckles* James: Don’t even spell “Looney,” spell “tunes.” Adam: T U N E S…? James: Yeah you got it right.
Adam: No. Wait, yeah.
James: No, you’re right. Jaiden: There’s like the- what is it- the Mandela effect… James: Yeah.
Jaiden: …where people think it was “-o o n s” James: It makes sense because it’s like, carTOONS. Adam: Not going to lie. I took a 50-50 chance and I knew what I was doing.
*Jaiden and James laugh* Jaiden: I feel like this is a bad furry oc Adam: *incoherent mumbling* I don’t… ah god. I’m a great drawer. Jaiden: I want all the people to not judge me on everything I’ve drawn today. Does the roadrunner have eyelashes? Isn’t the roadrunner a girl? Adam: I think so. James: And also, speaking of Mario from the last round… James: …do you know Birdo?
Jaiden: Isn’t he a boy? James: Yeah.
Adam: No, it’s a girl…? James: It’s one of those trivia… Jaiden: I think it’s canon- I think it’s canon that Birdo is a guy. Adam: Wait, but like wasn’t Yoshi and Birdo like a… James: …in a gay romance? Yeah, they are. *Jaiden laughs*
Adam: Oh. Good for them.
*James laughs* Jaiden: I don’t know how does his tail goes. No, he looks like an ostrich…or she, sorry. James: Don’t misgender.
*Jaiden laughs* Jaiden: Don’t roadrunners eat insects, not seeds? That whole cartoon is flawed. James: You’re telling me its not real? *laughs* Adam: I feel like if people saw mine… they would uhh… Jaiden: …strike you for copyright? *everyone laughs*
James: That’s how good it is? James: Boom. I’m done.
Jaiden: Ohhhh. Yeah, you drew an action shot. Adam: Oh. Oh, okay.
James: That one’s better.
Adam: Yours is a lot better… James: *laughing* Hahaha, I’ma get!
Jaiden: Oh buddy boy! Lols Jaiden: He’s got arms! *laughs* Adam: James, yours looks like, like a knockoff, like a wolf chasing a really fast duck. More Lols Jaiden: Adam, did you forget to draw the nose on the… the coyote?
Adam: Did I? I did. *Adam and James laugh* Jaiden: I like how he’s got elf shoes! *laughs* James: Are you ready? The alligator from Sonic. Adam: What?!
Jaiden: I don’t know this one either! James: You don’t know that one? Jaiden: I didn’t know the chocolate guy and now I don’t know the croc guy. *James laughs* James: This is perfect. 😀 Jaiden: Alligators don’t even go fast. I know Knuckles is, like, built on upper body. So I’m just gonna, like, go off that, and he’s gonna have really good calves. James: So what do you think this character is like, Jaiden? Jaiden: Like cool skater dude? *laughs*
James: Oooh. Adam: I think his name’s, like, Doug.
James and Jaiden: Doug? *laughs* Jaiden: This is iconic characters, not minor iconic characters!
*James and Jaiden start laughing* James: He’s iconic to me. Adam: I think I got him spot on to be honest! Jaiden: What if I gave him crocs for shoes? *James laughs* Jaiden: there we go, a-AHAHA! James: Is this guy a good guy or a bad guy? Jaiden: I feel like he’s mischievous and like kind of sly sometimes, but he’s, like, on the right side. Adam: Well, since I KNOW the character… James: Mmhmm?
Adam: …he’s, uh, dumb. Jaiden: It’s funny because I was just talking to this character. *James laughs* Jaiden: He says you’re dumb too. *GASPS* Adam: Wait, James did you give him chains?! *Adam laughs*
Jaiden: *laughing* Yeah, he’s so gangster!
James: Yeah, that’s his- that’s his ACTUAL picture. James: Do you not see the actual picture? Adam: OH, you’re right! :O
Jaiden: OHHHH!
Adam: He does have chains! James: Haha!
Adam: Ohh. Jaiden: I think, actually, the body I drew is not far off from his body. This guy looks cool! Adam: And I didn’t realize that he… doesn’t look anything like my character. *James laughs* Jaiden: Is this the last one?
James: The last one, yeah. Adam: Caillou.
Jaiden: Caillou. Okay. James: I’m just a kid who’s four! ♪
Each day I learn some more! ♪ Jaiden: I-I… *sigh* Jaiden: Uh oh. I had it and then I lost it. I watched this show as a kid, but I never watched it like, as a kid, where I would remember what he looks like. James: I am almost done. *James laughs* Adam: I think… you know what, I DO know what he looks. Jaiden: The only thing I remember about Caillou is watching one episode where he went to the grocery store with his mom and he was in the grocery cart. That’s the only random memory that I have of Caillou. Adam: I remember there was this one episode… He was like really pissed off ’cause his dad wanted him to take a bath, but he was just being a little brat. Jaiden: Heh.
Adam: I was like… Adam: Who does- What does this kid think he is? He’s just like “I’m- MY PARENTS DON’T MEAN I GOTTA TAKE A BATH, I JUST DO IT.” James: Yeah, I thought caillou was a brat even as a little kid. Adam: Alright, I’m done. Are you guys done? Jaiden: WAIT, I’m not done!
James: One more- one more second! Adam: Never mind, I’m still working super hard on mine. Jaiden: Okay, I’m done.
James: Okay, me too.
Adam: Okay. Adam: WHAT?! No! James!
James: Ahaha! HAHA! Jaiden: Oh, come on! *everyone laughs* James: Look at those beautiful boys. Jaiden: So…
James: What did we learn? Jaiden: That was- we learned that *laughs* I don’t think we learned anything. Adam: Friendship! We always win. ♪ Jaiden: We tried our best, okay? *everyone laughs* Jaiden: So yeah, this video is done. You should go watch James’s and Adam’s videos. Yeah. Yeah, so thanks for watching, bye!


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