Draw Your Monster – How To Create?

Hi guys! We’re the developers of Draw Your
Monster and we’re here today to show you how to create your monster from a paper Don’t worry if you don’t know how to draw or if you don’t like drawing you can still create and customize your
monster in the app. We’ll come back to that a bit later but now we’re gonna
start with a simple piece of paper like this one and some markers too so if you
want to draw. Maybe you could try to draw something ? I’m not a very good drawer but I can show you how it works in the game First of all take some markers and
paper and you need to draw your monster. Imagine what you want. For the
beginning you need to have 2 legs and 2 arms but you can do what you want. Ok, let’s do an ugly monster! Ok… Deamon monster… With some little arms. I want him to have small legs. OK. It’s a bad deamon… with big head. Don’t forget to make your monster in a pose like this. Like a T-pose with the legs spread. It’s works better like this. Let’s give him red foot And… Yeah.. Some hands with… Oh… He have seven/height fingers. But, Ok. No problem! It’s my monster, I do what I want. Okay, first of all you draw. Secondary you
launch the app Draw Your Monster As you can see here, it’s working. Okay so, now, I click on “Create a new monster” And here is my table. I click on
“OK” to take a picture Oops I forget my marker but it’s not a problem. Okay I need to crop. And keep only my monster. Great. You can turn the
picture if you want. You can use the bottom slider to increase or decrease the black selection You need to find the best value… Where you
have lots of your monster Oh, I see on the right here: my pen so I click on the
minus button and select my pen to remove it remove black here And on the head I think, I need to add some… Okay I think it’s enough, I just
need to show what is important You can zoom Well, Okay. I think here all the
black it’s good Okay. So my monster is here. I put the… legs on the legs The knee on the knee. body… shoulders… Well Left shoulder, the neck… and the head. Okay. As you can see in the bottom, my monster is here It’s very great. I think it’s a
marvellous demon. Okay. I click on the “fight” button and I can fight with my own
drawing! There is another way to create your monster if you are not really interesting by drawing your own monster now Alex can you show me how you do? I will show you how to create your monster in the app You need to go back to the button “Create a new monster” and this time you select the second method at the bottom You will see six
members so the head the body two arms and two legs and you can click on each
one of them to switch between some examples. You can also with the dice – to
make a random monster to see what it gives you If you like it you can
keep it. so and I would like to make a skeleton so I’m gonna find it. here it is also the arms… Why a skeleton? Yeah You like skeletons? I do. Ok so. Oh no, it’s not the skeleton… Ok Like this! Ok but maybe something cooler like… sunglasses I saw sunglasses… Here… Ok! I thinks he looks cool The new wave skeleton! That’s it. And now I can customize it if I want so I can select for instance the body. I click on the pen in the middle then I can do what I want I can erase
some parts so it will be transparent and the one so Then I can draw something on
him So I’m gonna draw like an arrow… Like this. like he was a shot in the in the chest
but it’s not dead because he’s a skeleton Okay. Here it is! Why don’t you see the arrow in the center of the bone because there is no bone? Oh Yeah… Hum… Anyway… It’s a transparent arrow… He looks nice. I like him. You can click on the “random name” button But I have an idea for his name. I’m gonna call him “SKELLY” Like… Like a skeleton! And then I hit “fight” and… He’s ready! Okay great! Let’s see now how you can play with Draw Your Monster See you in the next video! Bye.


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