Draw Tip Tuesday – Framing Your Story

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday. Here’s your weekly dose of inspiration
to build a creative habit. One drawing at a time. Brought to you by Sketchbook Skool. Hi, welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday. Do you ever get the feeling that a page feels
too overwhelming because it’s too empty? I sometimes have that, especially if I feel
like I don’t have the right tools with me. Actually, that’s kind of an excuse that
I’m making for myself to not dive in. Here’s an example of how to solve that. So I drew this page sitting outside and
then at some point I was done with it. I drew the people that were sitting on the bench and
I drew a little bit of the background of the street that I was looking into. I didn’t feel like going on with it
on the other side of the page. I was just sort of done and also I needed to leave, so I
sort of ran out of time but then I was left with this big white space on the right hand side. The next day I opened up my sketchbook and I did bring
my sketchbook, but I forgot to bring my pencil case! I had been filling my fountain pens with fresh ink
and then they were still back home on the table. I didn’t bring any pens. I didn’t even have a loose pen somewhere,
you know lost in my bag. I felt kind of bummed because I had been looking
forward to use my freshly filled pens. But luckily my husband who was with me. And he did have a pen with him
and he had a great pen. The uni-ball eye rollerball pen. It’s one of my favorites. He loves writing with them. I love drawing with them. So that came in very handy. But then still I had a great pen,
and I was still sort of whining. I didn’t bring my watercolors, couldn’t do what I planned
to do, like use a lot of color and nah nah nah nah… So I decided “you know what? Stop the whining let’s just draw. And if I can’t fill the page with a certain watercolor-style
painting, maybe I should just draw small frames and then in each frame, I will draw
something that I see around me.” And there we’re lots of people around us. So I was like: “you know what? This is a great practice to draw people” and so I did
and this is how I filled the page, just getting over myself and having a lot of fun actually. And I really like how to page turned out. So that’s a great tip if you feel overwhelmed by a scene
if you feel overwhelmed by all the white space on your page, just break
it up into frames. So what I could do today for Draw Tip Tuesday,
is divide my page in three frames. And in those three frames. I can tell the story of this
Draw Tip Tuesday video. So I’ll start with drawing
the tools that I’m using. And then of course the camera
very important. The camera that’s capturing it all. And I have my phone next to me because it has all sorts
of notes and a lot of ideas for other Draw Tip Tuesdays as well. That’s how you do it: capturing a story, a situation,
breaking it all down into small bits and pieces that don’t feel overwhelming and are actually fun,
bit by bit, and then they become one whole story. I hope this really helps you to get creating, keep
creating, keep filling those pages, keep thinking about different ways to fill your
sketch book pages as well. So maybe today you can just fill
a page with some frames. You can do really small ones. You can do really large ones whatever
you like and draw your day. I hope you have fun and I’ll
see you next week. Bye.

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