– Hi everybody! – Hi! – She’s Bonnie. – And she’s Federica. – And we’re here with our first “Challenge” video! – Today we decided to use our creativity in a drawing challenge, I think it’s called “Draw Something Challenge”. – And we chose to draw some characters from our favourite mangas, animes of movies. – And we’re gonna ruin them for you. – Just for YOU! – We’ll have one minute to draw. * Random Sardinian language.* – We’ll have one minute to draw.
Let’s get started with the first character, – which is a Pokemon, from “Pokemon”!
– REALLY? – It’s Bulbasaur! – Are we ready? – Ready? – Wait, I’m not emotionally ready for this. – Ready, set…. – Wait, my pen is not open. – Ready, set….GO! – Can I draw the last paw?
I feel bad for him, without his paws… – I’ll draw his belly, at least. – ALRIGHT, WE GOT IT, TIME IS OVER! – We started so well. – That’s the most important part of it! – WE GOT IT! – Are we ready?
GO! – Oh my God, that’s terrible. – C’mon, it’s not ugly! – It looks like a poop. – You say so just because it’s brown.
Your looks like a blue poop. – NEXT ONE! – The next character we’re going to draw is from “Marmalade boy”. – Heart attacks.
(We call this show “Little heart’s problems”). – The character’s name is Miki. – We’ll have 60 seconds to draw, like the first time.
We hope we won’t need extra seconds this time… – Ready?
– Yes. – Set…I’m sorry Miki…
3…2…1…GO! – DONE!
– Wait a second, my pen wasn’t working… – We usually play honestly. – While Federica keeps cheating on the game, we’d like to say, , that we recorder this challenge twice already, – with differents images of course, but our camera refused to cooperate, it ruined the files – so we hat to record the challenge another two times, using different characters everytime, otherwise it would had been boring. – So this one is the third time.
– Yes, we also have the other drawings, so maybe we can show them to you later. – Alright, 3…2…1…GO! – To me, this time we are at the same level. – We both sucked at this one. – To me it’s really pretty! – She always has a weird face, though. – Next one! – The next character is from the manga and anime “Inuyasha”, which is one of our favourite anime – and this character is Shippo, which is adorable,
so we’re going to ruin him for you!
– Poor Shippo… – 3…2…1…GO! – NOOO.
– No, please, let me finish his hair. – Poor Shippo.
Mine looks like a female. – When I first saw him,
I thought Shippo was a girl. – You got problems. – No, he looks like a girl, he’s really pretty! – Ready?
– Yes. – Oh wait, I forgot the eyebrows. – You always forget them, ready…
– Go. – Sorry but…this one… – NO!
That’s not true, the eyes are perfect!
– It’s orrible. – LOOK!
The eyes are the same!
– Just the eyes! – Look at your!
What is wrong with those eyes?
– He’s happy! – Look at the tongue, you didn’t draw it!
– Oh, is that a tongue? – MINE IS BETTER!
– Not at all. – Did you draw his ear?
– Yes, I actually drew a normal ear… – Guys, this is mine.
You don’t even know Shippo. – I know him for sure, we’re friends for ever. – I’m Inuyasha’s friend. – Stupid Kikyo. – The next character we’re going to draw is from
the manga and anime “Kodomo no Omocha” – and it’s called Babbit, wich is the little funny bat
that sometimes tells the story itself. – So let’s get our pens, the timer and…. – 3…2…1….
I need to change my pen. – Alright, 3…2…1…GO! – DONE!
Oh, that’s not fair! – Please, let me just color his mouth.
STOOOP. – Can you imagine if I was on Masterchef?
HANDS IN THE AIR! – Alright!
– Here’s my Babbit, simply *laughs* – Obscene.
C’mon, admit it.
I won this one. – Victory is mine!
And the winner is… – Not you. – HOW SAD! – Drumroll, the next character is….. – Genma, Ranma’s father! – We all know the annoying panda
in Ranma’s manga and anime – And we’re gonna draw him in his panda form. – Ready…set…. – Ready, set…GO! – We hust need to color his eyes… … – Let’s do it! – You can’t understand where his body is… – It looks like he’s wearing a shirt.
– Yes, mine is elegant. – Alright, these are our drawings. – *Whisper* Your is beautiful.
– Thank you! – Yes, but I won. – I’m not really sure about it… – C’mon, look how I hit the center of my paper.
I WON! – Okay….NEW ONE! – The next and last character is…Captain America. – We chose the cinematic version of him,
the one played by Chris Evans,
cause we’re so good at drawing, so… – I wrote an apology letter already. – Ready, set….go! – Oh God, why wasn’t my drawing
chosen to play Captain America? – Alright…done…
– You didn’t! I finished before you, I won this one! – Admire this beauty…LOOK AT IT!
He’s a sex symbol! – No, c’mon.
*Laugh* – He’s Spider Pork,
Spider Pork… – Nice!
We have been bad enough for today. – We hope you enjoyed this video, we had fun
recording it for three times…
– The fun is gone! – We’ll see you guys in the next video!
– Bye!

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