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– [Jaz] What is up homies! – [Harjit] Yo yo! – [Jaz] Welcome to our
Draw Our Relationship! – [Harjit] This is the perfect
time to make this video because it was just Youtube
TV’s two year anniversary and we just hit a million subscribers. – [Jaz] Oh my god, what!
A million subscribers? – [Harjit] Oh my god what what! – [Jaz] Yay! – [Harjit] Okay, to start
off we’re going to tell you a little bit about ourselves. And this is me right here,
my name is Harjit Bhandal. And I was born on August 2nd, 1992. And that makes me 25 years old. I live in my parents
house still with my mom, my dad, myself, my sister,
and I live with my puppy who is really annoying sometimes but I love her still, her name’s Snoopy. And this is a drawing of her, and that’s not her actual size. I am obsessed with cameras, okay? I love cameras so much
it’s my passion in life. All I think about is cameras. I wanna buy a thousand different cameras. But Jaz doesn’t let me buy
as many cameras as I want, but that’s fine. Another fun fact about me is that I dropped out of high school. My mom wasn’t happy about this but like I wasn’t that into
school so I thought like why should I go? So, instead of school, I
learned everything I know off Google, Google is my boy till I die dog! And oh yeah, I forgot
to draw a beard on me, and I have a beard so there, okay? Cool. (Jaz giggles) – [Jaz] So let’s talk about me! My name is Jaz Saini, I
actually don’t have pink hair but you know. That is life. I was born on April 12th, 1991. Which makes me 26 years
old, I’m so freaking old. I’m the youngest child of three, this is me and my two brothers. I’m definitely the best child though. For a lot of my life, I didn’t
know what I wanted to do, but I finally settled
on business marketing. And I graduated with that. I’ve also worked a million
jobs, from waitressing, to retail, to social media marketing. I’ve literally worked
every single job out there. And for a lot of my life, I’ve been dealing with
depression and anxiety. But I hope to take those
experiences to help those like me. And this is me, drawing
boobs, because I am a girl. – [Harjit] Just gonna use this
moment to let you guys know, we suck at drawing, and
the drawing is gonna get worse and worse throughout this video. The drawings will not get better, okay? They’re gonna continue getting worse. What are you doing? – [Jaz] Huh? – I’m stupid? Why am I stupid? So, let’s talk about how we met. Before Youtube, I used to film weddings and engagements and music videos. And this right here is
me filming a wedding for a lovely young couple. But one day, I got the opportunity to film a music video for a Youtuber. And for the sake of this
video, we’re going to call this Youtuber James. – [Jaz] And I worked
for James, so I was in the set all day for this music video. – [Harjit] The first person
I saw at this music video was Jaz, but I decided
to walk right past her. – [Jaz] From that moment
forward, I automatically assumed he was a jerk. – [Harjit] We were
literally filming this video for 14 hours straight. And me and Jaz spend
the entire shoot on two separate sides of the room. And the only time I talked to Jaz, was to tell her to move
because she was in my shot. – [Jaz] Like I said, you were a jerk. After the shoot, we actually
went our separate ways. But my boss would
constantly be talking about how amazing Harjit’s work was. – [Harjit] That’s because
I’m dope all the time every time Jaz. – [Jaz] Anyways, when we
ended up hiring Harjit again, and this time we are filming in India. So fast forward a few weeks, and we’re on our way to India. And I had to sit beside Harjit, but I did everything in
my power to be his friend. – [Harjit] And I did everything
in my power to ignore her. – [Jaz] I was literally
trying to make conversation and Harjit shut me down every single time. I even tried try to teach
him how to play Sudoku because he sucked. – [Harjit] Listen, I’m
a Sudoku pro okay Jaz? – [Jaz] Yeah, okay, you just
continue believing that. So we get to India and I was still determined to be Harjit’s friend. I even tried to bribe him with coffee. – [Harjit] And there was this one day, where we sat in a hotel room together for like 12 hours doing work and we still didn’t say one word to each other. – [Jaz] I think eventually
though we came around, and we both ended off the
trip with a new friend. Maybe even a little crush? – [Harjit] Maybe you, not me. – [Jaz] Hey! You totally
had a crush on me. – [Harjit] No! – [Jaz] You shut up. – [Harjit] No! – [Jaz] So for the next few weeks, Harjit and I started texting
each other all of the time. – [Harjit] I would literally
find random excuses just to text Jaz. I even started a vlog channel just so we had something to talk about. – [Jaz] I definitely got butterflies every time Harjit texted me. – [Harjit] That’s gross Jaz, okay? – [Jaz] Nooo. – [Harjit] That’s disgusting! No butterflies ever! – [Jaz] So many butterflies! – [Harjit] No! One day, we decided to actually
hang out instead of texting. Since your boy didn’t
have his driver’s license because I failed my driving test, Jaz had to come pick me up. – [Jaz] I was not impressed. This man didn’t even offer to pay for gas. Forget paying, you didn’t even
walk out and pump it for me. – [Harjit] I’m sorry,
I love you, relax man. – [Jaz] You suck, this car drawing sucks. – [Harjit] This car drawing’s sick, okay? That day, we drove around all
night until the sun came out. – [Jaz] And that was
pretty much our first date! And our next 10 dates, because
we were so freaking broke– – [Harjit] You forgot to tell them about the first kiss though. – [Jaz] Oh yeah, we kissed… in the car. And this is a picture of us kissing. – [Harjit] Why are there
things coming out of our mouth? – [Jaz] I have no idea. (both laugh) It’s like we’re projectile
vomiting on each other. – [Harjit] Moving on,
it is now May 2nd, 2015. – [Jaz] Harjit and I were texting all day and finally, I got this text
we’ve been wondering about. – [Harjit] Are we dating? My way of finding this out
was to awkwardly ask Jaz– – [Jaz] Uh… ask? You mean text. I just want to use this
moment to let everyone know that Harjit asked me out via text. You can continue now. – [Harjit] As I was saying,
I awkwardly texted Jaz, does this mean you’re my girlfriend? – [Jaz] And I responded
with, yeah, I guess. Followed by 10 barf emojis. – [Harjit] And we were
officially dating yo! Everything was amazing,
it was all beautiful and butterflies, and
rainbows, and sunshine. We were so happy. We were making out in
the car all the time. We were doing all kinds of gross things, because we’re a gross couple
and that’s what we do, yeah! – [Jaz] Until, like two days later, when I hopped on a plane, to go on a three month world tour. – [Harjit] We thought this was
the end of our relationship. Two days in, and it’s already over. – [Jaz] I literally said my goodbyes as if I would never see Harjit ever again. So the next three months were filled with phone calls and text messages nonstop. We were constantly figuring out timezones, losing sleep to talk to each other, and we probably said I miss
you like 10 million times. – [Harjit] My friends
would ask me to come out at like 7 p.m., but I would say no. Because I knew it was
2 a.m. wherever Jaz was and that’s the only chance
I would have to talk to her. – [Jaz] And then tour finally ended, and I was finally home. But two days after I got home, Harjit was headed to Kenya for a month to film a documentary
while I was off to Europe. – [Harjit] We could never get a break man, we thought it would
never be as bad as tour but this was 10 times worse. – [Jaz] Neither of us had service, there was a week where
we didn’t even get to talk to each other, at all. Just a couple of texts here and there. – [Harjit] I was sitting in the middle of a freaking jungle in Kenya. And Jaz would be in some
random museum in Europe. It was like, all kinds of depressing. – [Jaz] And this is us
looking for service. Were you actually in a jungle? – [Harjit] I wasn’t actually in a jungle. I’m just like exaggerating
but you get the point I was in Kenya, okay? I love Kenya though! But finally four months
into our relationship we could finally be together man. – [Jaz] We were both finally in Canada. And we spent every single second together, like literally every second. – [Harjit] Look at us we’re so cute! So while we were busy being in love and being all disgusting, our careers were in limbo. Jaz lost her job, so
that meant she was broke. I got into a car accident,
so I was also broke. And, I started hating
my job so freaking much. – [Jaz] We had literally no
idea where our life was going. All we had was each other. So fast forward to January 2016, we both knew that we wanted
to create for a living. – [Harjit] We were so busy
helping each other follow each others dreams, we didn’t realize that our dreams were exactly the same. – [Jaz] So that month,
we decided to join forces and start youtwoTV. – [Harjit] And that’s where the hashtag Harleen came from,
Harjit plus Jaz you know! – [Jaz] We’re so cute. – [Harjit] And that was the
best decision of our lives. We spend the next two years
in complete grind mode. – [Jaz] We both worked jobs that we hated to support the dream
that we call youtwoTV. I would work all day long and then spend the little hours I
had left shooting videos. – [Harjit] And I would get
home from a wedding at like 2 a.m. and be up at 6 a.m.
filming a skit for our channel. Grind mode in full effect let’s go! – [Jaz] And with 11 months
of starting youtwoTV, we both were finally able to quit our jobs and become full time YouTubers! – [Harjit] Let’s go! – [Jaz] Yeah! – [Harjit] And our first year of being full-time Youtubers was amazing. – [Jaz] We were able to
go to L.A. four times and realized we wanted to move there. – [Harjit] We were in
our first commercial. – [Jaz] We were in our second commercial. – [Harjit] We won an MMVA. A freaking MMVA! Drake has one of these. – [Jaz] We also won a
Brampton Citizen’s Award cause Brampton all day err’ day. – [Harjit] We were on TV a bunch of times, we were in our city’s newspapers, we were even in a magazine. – [Jaz] We did so many things
but the best part about it was that we were a team
and we did it together. – [Harjit] And we just hit
one million subscribers. – [Jaz] We somehow
convinced a million people that we were entertaining enough for them to subscribe
to us, freaking insane! But the story doesn’t end here. Our dreams are bigger
than ever and we plan to take over the world. – [Harjit] As a couple. – [Jaz] So watch us follow our dreams on all of our social media accounts. – [Harjit] Nice transition Jaz. – [Jaz] Thanks Harjit. You can watch us every single
day on our vlog channel. – [Harjit] And you can
follow us on Instagram and Twitter, our handles are
on the screen right now. – [Jaz] And don’t forget
about our Facebook page! Make sure you follow us there. – [Harjit] And we’re just gonna stay here and wait for you to do all that. Like everything is linked down below so you can click it and go follow us. – [Jaz] Yeah so do that now. We’ll just wait here for a second. – [Harjit] Yeah, we’re just chilling, we have nothing else to do. – [Jaz] ♪ La de da de daaa. ♪ – [Harjit] And yo! Thank you guys so much for watching and for being a huge
part of our relationship. – [Jaz] Honestly guys,
this is just the beginning and we have so much in store for you. – [Harjit] Like always,
we’ll see you guys next week. Don’t forget to stay true to you. – [Jaz] And stop giving a fuck! [Harjit And Jaz] Peace out! – [Harjit] Okay? – [Jaz] Peace. – [Harjit] Alright, leave! – [Jaz] I gotta poop. – [Harjit] Okay, go poo then. – [Jaz] Okay. – [Harjit] Okay, bye. (“I Wanna Know” by Sickick)


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