Draw My Life – Dan Howell

Ok, so i’m probably literally the last person on Youtube to do this But when I asked you guys what you wanted me to
make, this was the most requested thing so here we are before I begin I just
like to make the point that i can’t draw for shit so that this is just just gonna
be horrible hi I’m Dan Howell and this is my story in
the beginning woah not that early hahaha…ha so I was born in southwest England
in berkshire the Royal county in a kind of crappy house with mom and dad I had quite young parents which is
actually kind of cool as my mom graduated in philosophy and my dad was a
DJ / special effects guy for films who used to sneak me into movie sets which
was pretty cool we had a dog which they got just as i
was born which used to run into me as a baby and tear up the furniture I was apparently the happiest child of
all time who never stops smiling or laughing or bringing joy to others so
basically I was the freaking sun from the teletubbies I was brought up
watching too much winnie the pooh which is why I have my posh but not-
articulate voice so yeah life was always sunshine and flowers until preschool I suddenly encountered the
first negativity in my entire life when i meet other children but it’s okay
because the guy that pushed me over on my first day was obsessed with this girl
who kissed me in the playground and said she wanted to marry me and he cried so
lol too bad i have memories of my dog
finding a huge bone in the woods and me freaking out and doing a lot of
traveling with my parents which was amazing but hey who needs that when you
have a playstation 1 yeah suck it universe crash bandicoot and Final
Fantasy characters can be my role models from the age of five I supposedly
expressed an interest in acting when i was cast in the lead role of Santa in
the school’s obviously satanic Christmas play yeah i was one of those guys who
actually joined the theater club when I was about eight so my parents decided to
send me to a musical theatre school on sundays as much to the horror of my
Christian grandma I went to my first proper date with a
girl to the cinema who is scared by the movie we watched and cried for two hours
before being picked up by her parents smooth moves down my mom then popped out a
little brother and before i knew it was time to go to secondary school so hey this is the part of the video
where the music stops and it gets really sad and I explain that sometimes it
wasn’t that great because the place was full of giant dick heads now if my utterly friendly and joyful
personality didn’t help me out in preschool it definitely didn’t help me
out here as for some reason being nice was clearly a bad thing that needed to
be punished the thing was I never retaliated to
anything which when I look back I thought man I wish I just threw my shoe at that
guy all made a classy your mom joke but now I realize all these kids probably
had shitty things happening in their life and I was kind of being the bigger
person so yeah the joys of being a teenager
school homework family drama friend drama dog dies hormones fun fun fun but guess what everybody had to deal
with that kind of stuff and like everyone says it gets better you just
need to survive and one day you’ll be where I am seeing that they’re all
unemployed burger flippers and unfriending them on facebook out of pity I did they have a few good
friends and a couple inspirational teachers and all that coupled with video
games equals a lot of procrastination I was so lame back then i remember
seeing pictures of emo guys on myspace and being like wow are they look
so cool yeah I’m totes emo now ugh just give me a
moment to cringe and be filled with regret thankfully i got over that and had the
piano and my nerdy obsession with acting to keep me occupied as i was in load of
productions in a nearby theater for Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story,
blah blah blah but then when I was 17 I kind of changed my mind I don’t know
why these kids who are mildly cooler than the nerds i ate lunch with we’re all like
hey Dan you should come down liters of cider with us in the woods at 10pm and
this little voice in my head said and Dan, you’ll never actually an actor you know that right, so I
went yeah probs okay then and ditched everything I had a
lot of fun and sometimes incredibly embarrassing moments with these guys
including going to Reading Festival for years in a row and the time we went on a
surfing holiday where I accidentally pulled the string off a girls bikini on
the beach and felt so bad about it i cried i actually had a girlfriend for
over three years which is cool but that’s not really the period in your
life where you need a commitment we inevitably broke it off because it was
time for university yup suddenly out of nowhere BAM hey Dan childhood over so what are you
doing with your life oh well I wasn’t doing any of that
acting crap so I thought hmm as I have no idea what I want to do with
my life I’ll go to university for a few years I got quite good grades so I thought
what degree will make me look clever and employable yeah law so I took a gap year that i
spent getting fired for selling axes to 10 year olds and playing a lot of
xbox and this is when I started goofing around on youtube I have been watching
things on this website since the beginning like you guys I watched
YouTubers for years people like Shane Dawson, charlie mcdonnell community
channel and after being persuaded by some friends I decided to start making
my own YouTube videos then before I knew it I was at the University of Manchester traditionally in English universities
you spend most of your first year not doing any work and drinking until your
violently ill which is a exactly what i did but i had some incredibly fun times
with the friends I made so I was very glad to have had pretty much the perfect
first year experience I then decided for the next year to move
into an apartment with my internet friend Phil as we both needed someone to
live with and we knew by then that we both like the same TV shows and food
which is literally all you need in a friend but it was also cool because we
both did youtube then out of nowhere came the existential crisis I don’t know where it came from but one
day I was just studying for an exam and just freaked out I was like I hate law
this is so boring and awful and I don’t want to be my life so what do I want to
be my life Its too late to go back and make other choices Oh God so I took a year out from uni to
basically roll around on the floor pondering about the universe for 10
hours a day and go to a bunch of YouTube events I call this my internet hobo year then
luckily in the summer someone from BBC radio one called our house and was like
hey you and your friend phil are cool want to do a weird video show on Christmas and
we were like hells yeah so I took the plunge with my mother’s
blessing and decided to go for it I dropout pursue this radio thing and
actually start trying with the youtube thing i do so me and Phil decided to move
to london where it was all happening and for the first time I really started
putting effort into my youtube channel and is starting to pick up steam this is when people from the radio were
like want an official weekly radio show and we were like holy crap ok so as of
2013 me and my friend Phil have a show on BBC radio 1 every Sunday which goes
out to the entire world which is crazy but we think our show is awesome and
we’re loving it then soon after my youtube channel hit 1
million subscribers which is something in my three years of YouTube after
having watched an idolized other youtubers for almost a third of my life
I never thought would ever ever ever happen and I was basically so I am now happier than I’ve ever been
because I finally feel like I’m in control of my life and I’ve grown enough
and have the confidence to be the person I want to be i literally hated life from
the ages of 5 to 20 but now I feel like the people i meet are finally treating
me in the way I’ve been treating others my whole life back to tell you tell me
sun and now i’m spending my days telling
stories and opinions on the internet like a philosopher who could be great
but just turned his brain to mush by sitting on Twitter all day it’s weird that I’m doing something that
I didn’t even know existed when I was a kid but I love doing it and that’s
what’s important no regrets if I ended this video by saying will be
yourself follow your dreams it’d probably be so cheesy you throw up but seriously my only regrets on that
moment when I doubted myself and took the safe route and all the time I wasted
trying to please other people as I’ve said before on youtube life’s
too short to waste any time being unhappy don’t care what other people
think you decide who you want to be and do
what you want with your life i wish i had someone to tell me these
things so no matter who you are or how old you are I hope you’re listening ok I honestly have no idea what my
future holds but it kind of looks exciting so anyone that’s interested i
look forward to coming on this journey with me and learning more about the
world as I do I’m Dan Howell and that’s kind of my
life so far the end it’s there sexy stickman dance
this just looks actually awful but oh well please hit the like button if you
enjoyed this video and you can click here to subscribe to my channel if you
want to see more of my videos thanks and seriously look at my hand you see
that that’s what it’s like to be left-handed all the time can you imagine writing essays with that
yeah yeah yeah yeah you want to be me no I don’t think so


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