Draw Like an Idiot

What will you ever make to prove that you’re a good artist? Well, you won’t. Nothing will ever live up to the amazing thing that is inside of your head. You will end up drawing nothing. So instead why not draw like an idiot? You can already decide: I’m going to draw something like a complete moron; because what will you do to prove that you’re the worst? Well, you will try anything. Experiments; ideas; weird possibilities suddenly open up. I’m not saying make the absolutely worst thing possible, and I’m not saying have a bad attitude towards your art, or be pessimistic. What I’m saying is: make the decision that you will not be able to live up to your high standards. Because when you are feeling stuck and can’t seem to move on with a drawing, or you feel like you can’t even begin a drawing out of fear it will be bad, free yourself from any perfectionist idea that is holding you back. People don’t remember perfectionists because perfectionists don’t finish anything. Your mission is different though; your mission is to finish something. What you draw next doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing. It just has to be a drawing.


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