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hey everybody welcome back to Morris 4×4
Center I am Eric and today we have Stephane from Drake automotive in the
house now if you guys are not familiar with Drake automotive they make some
great high-quality better known for their billet aluminum parts not only as
a visual upgrade for both Jeep and trucks and also the FJ Cruiser they also
have some form and function built into them as well and Stephane is going to go
over just a brief interview of the products that they offer and some
insights on some of the parts that you definitely want to consider putting on
your vehicle I think sir some of the things that we really pride ourselves on
is the high quality of our products you know we kind of consider it jewelry for
your Jeep one of the things that we like at Drake is our hood latch systems this
is our quick-release hood latch it comes in a locking version as well for the
people that want a little more security out of their hoods and I do make these
for TJ and JK nice thing about this is you can also add the accessory which is
the all-black turnbuckle if you want to go for a little more blacked-out
appearance okay so yeah in the package it’ll come with just the all billet
turnbuckle so if you want to get that little extra unique look that’s really
great that you can kind of customize it depending on you know the end users
needs correct yeah and we also make a another hood latch system called our
rock cloud latch and that is a little different doesn’t exactly use the
quick-release system but it does have an internal adjustment system that is
really popular and that in a similar fashion you can also customize the
wroclaw hood latch with this billet insert if you want to change the color
up and add a little more uniqueness to the hood latch system again that’s super
great you know Drake thinks ahead and you know different strokes for different
folks is kind of what I like to say in the Jeep and truck industry so if you
like the look how it comes in the package great but if you want to add
that little extra touch they’ve definitely got that option for you as
well and of course you know these hood latches are such high quality you know
you’ve all seen that hood flutter when you’re driving down the road on the
highway or even 50 miles an hour in a of that hood gets a little shaky so of
course the quick-release is adjustable you can adjust the tension same thing
with the rock claws except that adjustment is actually hidden behind the
system so it has a much more sleeker look just something to consider
different strokes for different folks get a different look of your Jeep
alright Stefan you know similar to these little inserts for the rock claw hood
latches you’ve got these door handle inserts here can you tell us a little
bit about these oh yeah those are CNC billet door handle inserts and the
install of these is actually really really simple they fit directly in the
relief that’s in the JK door handle and yeah like you said you can match it up
to your hood latch system if you want to not only do I have these in the brushed
finish I also have these in a black CNC finish we also have our tire tread
inserts which is the same style but ties well with our transfer case and our
automatic shift knobs then we make that go on the inside of the jeeps as well so
Drake has been known to make some really great fuel doors for the for the jeeps
can you tell us about that lovely looking piece right over there
absolutely this is our JK field door billet construction nice magnetic lock
or catch system so you don’t have to worry about your field door flying open
on you when you’re driving down the road we also include the bucket for the JK
which is a great feature for the TJ customers out there we do have the field
door but the bucket is not needed obviously you don’t have to use it for
the TJ and we have the two finishes available this is the all-black version
but you can also get it in the brushed vent version as well okay great so yeah
they’ve got again they always have options for if you’re going for that all
that stealth look or have that nice silver accent that’s really great a
great addition to your Jeep I’ve seen jeeps drive down the road with
aftermarket fuel doors stick stuck out like a little wing I see it all the time
especially the ones that have locks the locks end up breaking but you know trust
me this piece is super high quality you’re not going to have that problem
whatsoever again held by that magnetic lock amazing feature I’m in love with it
so not only is Drake known for their exterior accessories but you guys have
some under hood and interior products too can you go
were some of the key products that you guys offer as well of course yeah what
we have here is some of the under hood products right here this would be our
polished power-steering cap a lot of guys like to go under the engine and and
you don’t have to go crazy but you definitely maybe want to shine it up a
little bit so we offer a polished engine caps and we also offer the brushed
finish this is our oil cap so you can get a set either in brushed or polished
you know depending on your style or mood okay great so you know for you show and
shine jeeps out there I know there’s plenty of you definitely might want to
consider adding some of these brushed aluminum or the polished caps underneath
your engine it’ll help set you apart from that other guy and hopefully you’ll
end up bringing home that trophy so again not only known for your exterior
products you also have some products to dress up the interior now guys I know my
table is only so big I can’t fit them all on this table but they do offer
quite a few interior products can you tell us a little bit about those most
definitely our popular choices on the interior is of course our shift knobs
with the rubber tire tread and you can get those in black or brushed finish and
we make them for all variations either automatic or manual and you can get to
match knob for your transfer case which is great we also have a quick little
pieces if you want to shine it up on the inside one of our popular pieces are the
control knobs the AC and heater control knobs these are a great addition they
really changed the look of the face right there and it comes in the full set
you grab them they’re real easy to throw on and you can also tie that in with the
bezel trim or the AC vent trim to really give the inside of the interior a nice
finished look alright great guys again you know you definitely need to look to
Drake to you know personalize your Jeep the way you want it to look they have a
host of different products and of course you can view all of these right on our
website wws 4×4 center comm now not only do they have dress-up products they do
offer a couple of unique replacement products and we have these little guys
on the table that you probably can’t see we’ll get a close-up for you can you
tell us a little bit about these little rubber inserts right here yeah these are
the hood latch Isolators or insulators whichever terminology you’d prefer but
what happens in we’ve seen a lot is guys get the Jeep’s
and they they don’t change their hood latches they have them on there for a
long time and the Sun and the weather will dry out the rubber and
unfortunately this product you can’t buy directly from Jeep without buying the
whole hood latch system so what we’ve done is we’ve gone ahead and created
this product for guys who either lose them on the trail or driving around
normal daily use or if they get cracked out and rotted out you’re able to easily
replace this piece without having the expense of the whole hood latch
mechanism wow that’s amazing so that’s gonna save you a heap of money I know
you know when you’re buying hood latches and sets it can definitely get quite
costly so that that’s amazing that you know they’re trying to think ahead stay
ahead of the curve and you know definitely help out the end user you
don’t always have to just upgrade if you just need to replace it and save a few
bucks drakes there for you and that’s amazing so guys we hope you enjoyed this
brief overview of Drake automotive and the products that they offer again I
know my table can only fit so many of their parts but again you can see all of
them on our website wwsz nerd comm you know you can definitely expect a great
quality you know these are billet aluminum they’re built to last and of
course they look amazing so Stefan again thank you so much for coming down
problem thanks for having we really appreciate it and again guys if you have
any questions or need help picking out some of these parts definitely feel free
to call us at one eight seven seven five five three five three three seven where
our sales experts or Jeep experts are here to help you guys and you know make
your Jeep the way you want it to look so again I’m Eric with more four by four
center and I hope to see you out on the trail you

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