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Hey Trainers! Welcome back to PokeFan Friday’s. I’m Cortney.
This week we will be doing a really simply, fun, craft. You can do it with just jars you
have lying around. I’m going to use this little Fenniken that i got from a collection box
to make a Pokemon Night Light. So, this is just a little jar I got from Hobby
Lobby. But if you have some lying around then you can definitely just take the labels off.
I’ve used pasta sauce jars before to do stuff like this. Um, and for the Night Light it
is really easy. We are just going to make some grass to throw in there. I am using some
paper that I had. I didn’t have construction paper. So, this is going to be more involved
than hopefully it will be if you have construction paper.
So, once all your paper is cut, you can toss it in if you want or cut it up smaller. I’m
actually just going to bend it a few times and fold it to give it some texture.
And then, toss it in. Then, you just need a fake tea light. Obviously,
don’t use a real one because this is real paper. You can drop it in here. If you want,
for some extra flare, we have some real twigs from our front yard. Just toss them in there.
Get a nice dot on the bottom of your figure. You can use whichever figure you want. This
is just one of my favorites that I happened to have on hand. And then, just center it
and stick it on. And then, just make sure you leave it to dry a little bit. But there
you go! So, okay, you can actually use these to make a lot of different crafts. I have
a bigger one here that I made with a mason jar. And my xerneas figure. I just filled
it with some Skittles. And used some extra fabric that I had around to tie around the
top. And if you have some beauty products, you can put them in this medium size jar.
I actually bought this with the top that was already pink and then just glued Espeon on
top. And then, I just tied some spare ribbon that I had lying around. And threw some cotton
balls in there. So, it is a really versatile craft. You can use it for all kinds of figures
from the collection boxes. Thank you for joining me again, guys! I hope
you enjoyed this craft. If you make any variations, definitely let us know in the comments what
you did. I want to see the ideas you guys have. And thank you so much for watching.
I’ll join you again next week for another PokeFan Friday! Thank for watching Trainer
TV – the Pokemon Lifestyle channel. And remember, TRAIN ON!


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