DIY – MOLDURA PARA ESPELHO IMITANDO TRONCO DE ÁRVORE: feita com massa de papel e cimento

Mirrors are more than objects of
decoration in a house when your mirror reflects beautiful and pleasant images, you duplicate these good energies since this beauty can be
witnessed live or through the mirror In this video we will make a frame for the mirror imitating a tree trunk
and for that we will make a dough with paper and cement I am Maria Amelia Mendes. Welcome to another video from the channel! To make the putty and cement you you can use old egg, newspaper or magazine packs tear everything into small pieces and put in a bowl of water and soak for a few hours to soften the fiber of the
paper then beat in a blender and
place on a cloth to drain the excess water to make this big frame I used 4
measures (plastic pot) of paper dough I added 2 cups of white PVA glue, a measure of cement and 1 measure of mortar (cement mix used to glue ceramic floors) Mark your presence in this video, like it, subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed yet and click the bell to receive
notification of all videos posted here I mixed everything and made the paper and cement I prepared a mirror to receive the
frame covering it with plastic I grabbed 2 hooks to hang it after …
and overlapped a thin plastic to protect the mirror and so make the
frame I put the hooks in the desired place and put the putty and cement around the mirror and overlapping mass over the
mirror … a layer about 2 inches I put irons bars all around to reinforce this frame and I covered the iron bars with more paper and cement … modeling it to give a round shape imitating the
tree trunk around the mirror with the frame, it’s time to make the details with portions of dough I modeled by imitating cut wood branches this dough is excellent for modeling done all the details, I made grooves with my fingertips to give a texture
similar to tree bark I also made the texture using this
piece of wire that I folded in half I also did some details on cutting the
wood finalized the details,
I let it dry … It takes a few days to dry … it takes patience drying time depends on temperature and climate Do not move the frame in place until it has completely dried! the frame will be dry only when it brightens … almost white and it gets very light too notice how was the back side of the
frame! … already with depression to fit the mirror I painted with white PVA latex paint (wall paint) and then I painted it with the color paint
yellow ocher .. this shade of paint I’ll prepare … I’ll leave the video link where I teach how to mix paint in
description of this video so you know how to make the color mixes and get the color you want When you finish painting with ocher yellow paint, let it dry completely then paint with dark brown paint diluted with some water and leave a damp cloth nearby to wipe off excess ink and get the wood tree bark effect do it in pieces, because the paint does not
you can echo … paint a part of the frame and immediately wipe it with a damp cloth do this process across the frame lightly wipe with damp cloth … so as not to break any protrusions … just to remove excess paint and so get the tree bark effect I painted the back of the frame brown I finished with the acrylic resin water based acrylic resin or solvent based acrylic resin can be used both are excellent you can buy acrylic resin at building supply stores This resin is used for waterproofing tiles, stone floors … I finished the piece by placing the mirror, the cardboard and pasting with duct tape and thus fixing the mirror on the frame The mirror is ready! if you liked the result share
this video on social networks! help spread the word! Message: “The world is
like a mirror that returns every person the reflection of their own
thoughts and their deeds. The way you look at life is that
It makes all the difference. Life changes when you change “. I loved the result … and you? Leave yours
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