DIY metallic paint

Hi there! Lindsay here, the Frugal Crafter.
Today I’m going to show you how to make your own metallic watercolors and
metallic acrylic paints, using dollar store eyeshadows. If you already have eye
shadow that’s not the loose kind, that’s fine, you can crunch it up to make it
work, and what you want to do is look for eye shadow with mica being the first
ingredient, usually that’s on the main package and it comes in. These are a
dollar piece from the dollar store, and what inspired this was the other day
I knocked one of these off the gold one, and it hit my
floor in that bottom popped off it, and I couldn’t believe how much product was in
there. That filled two of these completely, and that’s not counting what
was on my floor, and what I mixed up to make to make some acrylic paint. I
painted these tiles with the acrylic paint, and it covered up the printing
that I had on the tiles underneath, so that was kind of cool, so I’m gonna show
you how to do both. So here are some examples of some that I’ve made, what these are are little watercolors, kind of like the Twinkling H2o that you
buy, we can make them quite a bit cheaper. I’m just gonna loosely set the covers
on here because they’re not completely dried out yet, and I want to make sure
they’re dry before I cap them up good, but I don’t want to get too much loose
powder in there, alright so when you get these they look like this, and you can
keep them in here if you just want them for powder, they come with a little
applicator which is handy, but I find that you can’t really get all the stuff,
all the powder out of there. I was really surprised at how much was in there. I’m
gonna need to clean my camera when I’m done, gonna be powder all over it, so
what you want to do is flip it over and there’s kind of like a soft plastic
bottom and you just want to get in there with like a with a pokey tool a paper
piercer works really good, and just start poking at it until you can pry off the
bottom. Hopefully, oh my gosh, I just did like four of these and didn’t have any
problem, I’m gonna stab myself on camera, that would be just
my luck, oh for goodness sake, I’m gonna try a different color. That
one’s problematic, let’s try this one, probably the other one loosened up
by now, there we go. See? Easy, alright you can see, you get all
that powder in there, so what I’m going to do is, I want to keep some as loose
powder so I’m going to pour it into one of these containers and I save these,
they had beads and them and I use the beads up and these are the little pots
that they came in, so I always save little containers like that. You never
know what you might want to use them for down the road. I’m just going to fill
that container up, let’s just give it a tap there’s lots of product in there,
just don’t want to dump it all over my table. Whoa, now the excess I’m going to
put on that tile, because I’m going to mix it up with some, say that you put it
right in old container it’s ready to go just like your Pearl-Ex, and now I’m going
to add some gum arabic and this is the bottle that it came from this is Da
Vinci gum arabic, this is an 8 ounce bottle, and I think I got it on sale when I got it, quite a few years ago, does last, and I
think I paid about $6 for but I bet that price is crazy higher now, but DaVinci
was a new company at the time, so they came out with their
stuff pretty inexpensively, so then you want to mix your gum arabic and this is
going to make your water color, the liquid water color, like your Twinkling
H2o, or Pearl-Ex water colors, so I want to make, I’m just mixing this up on
the tile, and I can add some more, I might have to add a little bit more of the gum
arabic, some color seemed to take a little bit more gum arabic in order to
get it nice and painty, it’s going to make a paste, and I know I could
pause while I’m mixing this, but I kind of want to show you how much it takes
and how long it takes, so that you’re not kind of wondering if you got the right
thing, or if you’re doing it wrong if you’re doing it at home and it seems
like it’s taking a lot longer, using a lot more of the stuff, the coppery colors
do seem to take a little bit more. You can do this with the Pearl-Ex, too. I just
find this to be such an economical alternative. I can start adding
some more of the powder to that. I was I mixed those right in the pots, but they kept spilling and I had to keep scooping it up off my table, so that’s
why I went to the tile method. I think it’s a little bit easier to handle
this way, and those little square containers are great too. Beads
came in those from the bead store. Let’s see how, it’s
getting really dry. I need a little bit more gum arabic, now if you have gum arabic and you’ve noticed it’s gotten thick
over the years, this was like really thick in here, because I had decanted
some in the squeeze bottle, but it wasn’t air tight and it was quite thick and it
wouldn’t pour at all. I just added a little water to it,
and I microwaved it for 20 seconds and then it started to mix up and bubble up
and now it was perfect. I could use it again. I buy my gum arabic in
liquid form, but it does come powder as well. I’ve never used the powdered
stuff, so i can’t really offer too much advise on that. I’ll use what’s left there to show you the acrylic paint,
now i’m going to scrape this up and put it into one of these containers,
let’s use this one here, you wanna make sure it’s one that you can easily get
the cap on and off of, and I don’t put the loose powder in these containers
because want the caps to be easy, to come out easy to come off from the watercolors, but not from the
loose powder, because otherwise I’ll have a mess. I tend to, the powder goes everywhere
when you open up one of the containers, and just kind of spread it out in there,
could add a little bit more gum arabic but i think i got enough in there to
bind it, so I’m not gonna go for anymore, alright so there I have a
little pot of liquid watercolor, I mean I’m sorry, of a metallic watercolor. I’m
just gonna set that aside and now I want to show you how to make the acrylics, so
I’m going to just kind of dump out some more that. And I am gonna use a
paintbrush. Actually I can use this. I need a little bit of Mod Podge, that’s
going to be my acrylic medium, and now I will use the paintbrush just because I
have to use a paintbrush anyway to get in here, so I grab some paint, some Mod
Podge and just mix it up the same way I did with the with the gum arabic, except
the Mod Podge will mix up a lot easier. Alright maybe I’ll put a little bit more in
there, that doesn’t look like I have that much pigment. I think it was this one
right here. I kind of tap it down, too, when I go to open it, cuz otherwise I’ll get
a lot of extra stuff and in just a little bit of a scoop, there we go,
so I do like to use this dollar-store eyeshadow for this, because
then I don’t have to feel like I have to be so stingy with it.
Pearl-Ex, I mean if you have a color you really like, it might be cheaper to
buy like a big thing of Pearl-Ex, get it in bulk counts per ounce, but this is
certainly an affordable option if you don’t want to do that, or you don’t want
to you know invest in in the Pearl-Ex. All right, so now I’m just gonna paint some
here and try out this copper paint so I know the gold is really, take a look at
that, completely opaque, nice and shimmery and it’s in you know, it’s got the
Mod Podge in it so it’s going to be permanent. I would if you’re going to put
it in like wood or something or have it outside you want to put another sealer
on top of it, but I think that’s pretty cool, and the watercolors as well. Let me
give an example of those, We’ll get a fresh clean brush here, and
we’ll try one of those out, try this one, because this one is the one I made the
longest time ago. I don’t have very much room here, get a little bit of that on my
brush, and you want to make sure if you’re using Twinkling H2o, you
want to make sure that you leave it uncapped until it dries. There, nice
and shimmery, you hold it to light so you can see, nice and shiny, so that’s just
some homemade supplies you can make using Dollar Tree powdered eye
shadow, you can also get this up a Family Dollar, and I don’t know what that one, I
hope that one comes off, that’s kind of a different bottom, but there you have it,
DIY metallic paint! If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up and
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next time, happy crafting! Oh one more thing the acrylic paint kind of got to
use it when you make it, you don’t want to make it up ahead,
because this will be, you just use a wet brush to get this stuff back up with
gum arabic if it’s get the Mod Podge in it once it dries, it’s dried. You can’t
reactivate it, so keep that in mind while you’re mixing.
Okay, all right, that’s it. Thanks so much and happy crafting.

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