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– Hello everybody. Welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Ava, and today I’ll
be showing you how to make a fluffy slime princess dress. Before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that
little notification bell so you know when we upload a new video. Okay, let’s open this package up. Woo, I love her hair. It’s so bouncy. Look at these shoes. Okay, I’ve figured out a
way to make her stand up. This is what we’re gonna do. First, you need the paper towel roll, and then you need a
circle piece of cardboard. Now, let’s just put hot glue around it and then stick it on right there. See, look, now it will stick. We’re gonna cut the tube
the length of her legs. I’m gonna mark it right
where her hips are. Alright, now let’s put her in. Make sure to stick her arms up. There, now she’s gonna stand up, yay. Alright, let’s move this aside and start making our slime. One bottle of glue goin’ in. Oh, that was a big bubble. Alright, now comes my favorite
part, the shaving cream. You’re gonna want one
cup of shaving cream. Uh, maybe that was more than one cup, but that’s okay. We want it to be fluffy. Now, let’s stir it. Okay, let’s add some food coloring. I think I’m gonna do pink first. So, next you need one
tablespoon of corn starch, and then you need one
teaspoon of baking soda. Now, you just stir it up. Alright, next step. You need contact solution. We’re just gonna give
it a couple of squirts. There, now stir it up. Oh, yeah, now it’s starting
to look like slime. Stir it a little bit
more, then I’m gonna start using my hands. This is getting tough. I think it’s about time to use my hands. Eww. Eww, this feels so weird. Eww. Okay, this (laughs). Alright, now you just wanna start smushing and stretching,
smushing and stretching and keep on doing that
until it makes slime. When you know it’s ready, it will start coming off your hands. Woo, this is a workout. Whoa, this is awesome. I love this recipe. Now let’s start making another batch, but this time we’re gonna do blue. (gentle music) Oh yeah, I think these slimes are ready. Time to make our fluffy
slime princess dress. First, we need to put
a ponytail in her hair so it doesn’t get slime in it. Ugh, that would be the worst. There. She looks so pretty. So in the movie with Sleeping Beauty, when she’s dancing with the prince, the fairy godmothers are like, which dress should we
make, a pink or a blue? We can’t decide. And they’re like pink, no, blue, no, pink, no, blue, no, pink. So, I decided I’m gonna do both. I’m gonna make this side
blue and this side pink, and I may even mix them together later. So, this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna get the slime and like hook it right against her waist. And kinda push it down
into the paper towel tube. And then kinda let it droop down. Okay, time for side pink. Okay, you can kinda form
it in any way you want to. Oh, yeah. This reminds me of ice
cream or cotton candy. Slime dress. Let’s put some rhinestones on it. So, I’m gonna put this one right there. And then I’m gonna put
just a whole bunch of these all around her dress. Wow, they’re sticking really good. Oh my gosh, look at all
these amazing colors. This kind of reminds me
of like a mermaid dress, where it’s like stick right here and then it poofs out at the bottom. Let’s put some rhinestones all around. (gentle music) Oh my gosh, I love the colors, how it, like, smushed together and like formed one slime. Let’s give her a train in the back. Pull it back just like
this, so it makes a little train in the back. A little caboose. Okay, let’s try a new style. Here’s one idea. This is a really big dress. There, just like that. Giant train in the back. Okay, new style. Okay, let’s twist these
two colors together. Twist it, like taffy. You can lay it down if you want. Makes it kinda easier. You can twist it as much as you want. So, I’m just gonna
spiral around her dress, starting at the bottom. Time for some more rhinestones. How does that look? Does it look purty? Okay, let’s try one more fashion style. This time, I’m gonna start from the top and go to the bottom. Alright, so I’m just gonna
put it up on her shoulders and cross. (gentle music) Our blue and pink became purple. Whoa, now we have three different colors. I’m just gonna put a heart right there. Which one’s your favorite? Style one, style two, style three, or style four. Comment down below. You can also use the
slime on little dolls. See, check this out. You can just take a little piece and then make it into a dress, and then stab her into it. (gentle music) (bubble popping) Slime bubbles. (bubble popping) (laughs) That was a big bubble. Thank you guys so much
for joining me today, and don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment down below which fluffy
slime princess dress was your favorite. See you guys next time. Bye.

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