Designing Your Life: Discipline vs Distraction

– Number four, daily block time. If your day is not blocked out for significant progress forward to one of your projects or your goals, you’re living a reactive
life and it’s killing ya. It’s the oldest thing in
the book of productivity. Discipline equals freedom. The more you are disciplined,
’cause look at this. Look at the alternative, okay? If you’re not doing block time, here’s what your day might look like. You have all these different
slots of time, right? And you’re just gonna plug
in as you go through the day. You’re gonna plug in,
oh, I’ll work some there, and I’ll work some there, and
then I’ll try to cram stuff. Right at the end of the day
I’ll try to cram that sucker in. Any crammers? Crammers? Crammers? Crammers, okay. Just checking. No judgment. No judgment. You’re just not going
as fast as you could. That’s all. Crammers. I love crammers. Just like ’cause they’re
easy to get to move faster ’cause you do have that diligence of when there’s a deadline
and it’s on, you can go, which really serves you but we
gotta take you from a crammer to a preparer to a high performer, and the way that we do that
is to look at this go, listen. If you keep leaving all these
time slots to randomness, what happens is they start
to get filled with the big D. Distraction. (audience laughing) Some reason it seems like
this hit home for some people. I don’t know why. How many recognize what
I’m talking about here? So now you add up. Take this out. You might not be thinking
too serious about it, but let’s say that’s like a day. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight work hours. You didn’t know I drew that on purpose. Now watch what happens. Let’s scroll that down. Let’s call it… That. Bless you. (audience laughing) If you leave your time to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness. If you leave your time to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness, bit by bit, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by
month, quarter by quarter, year by year, and decade by decade, and it’s the little things like that where you’re like oh my gosh
I didn’t get anything done because you got all these
random approaches to your day, and so for those who are like
but Brendon I’m a free spirit. I’m like, oh God I love free spirits. Me too. Let’s go on a yoga retreat. I don’t have any time. Oh free spirit, no time for yoga retreat? (audience laughing) Aw. You know why free spirit ain’t
got no time for yoga retreat? ‘Cause they ain’t got no discipline. If they had some discipline,
free spirit would have time for some yoga retreat. So if you want more free time, you need more discipline time. It’s so simple. I said well, what if
I learn to block time, and I did simple things like this. What if I said, let’s see. Let’s call this just for ease. Let’s go eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, one, two, three, sorry four, and five. What if I did this and what if I asked what is the primary projects
that have to happen this week, and how can I build it so
that my mornings are done in such a way that those
primary big things, those things that must be created or done that I block time out and it’s protected. Meaning I just say okay. Block, block, block, block, block, and I let any randomness
that has to come in. Any randomness if it has to come in, it can come in over here but
maybe I got this one blocked, and I got that one blocked for keep up. Okay, I let those random things come in, and they’re not necessarily distractions ’cause I’m on my way but
maybe they’re more instead of distractions there let’s
call it response time. Responses. Little different, right? A distraction from a response. And so well guess what happens? Over a period of time,
as you draw this down, even if you do have time
available, you get the idea. You’re just check, check, check. You’re just getting stuff down, and now you’re not at the whim so much. So one of my big things
is that I just said from now on I don’t do any
reaction in the morning. My morning block time to create and do the necessary steps
and big projects or priorities that must happen to move my life forward. My reaction, I’ll do that later. So, I’ll reply to my email
or I’ll take voice messages, or I’ll take meetings in the afternoon. Not the morning. Now some people, depending
on what your career is, or what you do maybe you can’t do that. Maybe you can’t have your whole morning, but you can have your first two hours. You can have your first two hours. Next time you get that meeting invite, don’t do it in the first two hours. Move it. A Fortune 50 CEO taught me this. He said Brendon, I do no
calls until after lunch. I’m like oh my God how
did you get away with it? He goes, I’m the boss. (audience laughing) Dang nice. Now look, if you’re customer service, and you gotta get to work, and you gotta start
responding, that’s one thing. That’s customer service. But if you’re the owner,
the small business owner, or the leader and you have the ability to either delegate or decide, or let people wait on you, you do that. It’s hugely important for
you to get more block time ’cause listen the more
block time you have upfront, the more freedom you gain on the back. More block time upfront,
more freedom on the back. More block time upfront. So in other words, more scheduled time towards the things that matter, the more vacation time
for you and your family. Now you’re not like ah I wish
we could get vacation one day. You’re like oh my God,
what are we gonna do with all this vacation? That’s how you get ahead. Block time is everything. Everything. I meet people all the time. I’m gonna write a book one day. Show me. Show me the blocks of time that
you’re gonna write the book. Otherwise, it’s not even a wish. It’s not a dream. It’s not a goal. It’s not a project. It’s barely a scant hope. If it doesn’t land on the scheduler, if it’s not in the calendar,
you just won’t do it. What you’ll do is you’ll fill, you’ll fill all these blocks
with the distractions, and all of a sudden guess what? Your business is literally in the red. You’re ability to celebrate, you’re ability to catch up, you’re ability to move forward, it’s gone. So one of the easiest ways
that I know of high performers, I say come over here. Open up your calendar. Let me look at. First thing I’ll do when I’m
coaching a big executive, entrepreneur, let me
look at your calendar. Well let me tell you. No, no. Give me the calendar. Well no, no. No, don’t. I don’t. You understand I have this here. Yeah, I know, right. I don’t understand. I don’t understand anything. So give me your calendar
so I can understand. (audience laughing) And I look at that calendar, and if it is not dang
clear on their calendar what the activities, the
projects and the tasks are, that they are moving forward, then I know they’re in a life of reaction, and taking somebody
from a life of reaction to the charge life is so easy. Master that calendar, man. I should be able to walk in your life, look at your calendar
and go ooh this clearly what she’s building towards. This is clearly what he is developing in terms of competency. This is clearly what
this person is all about and after in their life. There’s all the things
they’re doing to learn. There’s the seminars they’re enrolled in. The certifications. The masterminds. Or just here’s the books
that they’re reading. I schedule out the books
that I’m gonna read. Otherwise, I just gather a bunch of books. I put ’em on a shelf and they look nice. I schedule a book. This book done this week. This book done this week. This book done this week. If I don’t do that, then I’m just awake. Then what happens is when
I have some free time, I ask my friends so like
what books are you reading? Oh that sounds good and I grab that book, and now I’m completely reactionary and ultimately a lemming. If the only books you read,
the only things you respond to, the only things that you do are issued to you by other people,
then you’re a follower, then you’re conforming,
then you’re lacking that conscious drive that
makes us feel so alive. When you are designing your day, designing your week, designing your life, you come back to life
and you all deserve that. So turn to the person left or right. Shake ’em say, design your life. – [Audience] Design your life. – [Brendon] Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe to my
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