Design Notebook – Drafting the Boxy Jacket Sewing Pattern

This video is from my Design Notebook Series Visit my notebook page to check on my current plans Continuing with my #sustainablefashion and #usewhatyouhave ideas I will also add #slowfashion to the list Though I hope I will give you some ideas that will
speed up your #slowfashion efforts a little! I have drafted the first pattern
designed to use up my 1 metre of Harris Tweed It’s been a tight fit I have drafted roughly a size 10
and of course bigger sizes will require more fabric Check out The Sewing Pattern 647 Box Jacket page on my site You will be able to check layouts
and fabric requirements for all sizes Here are the pattern pieces on the fabric I usually work without the seam allowance I will talk about lining, interfacing and shoulder pads later Firstly I would like to show you how I arrived at this pattern I have a rough sketch I am using my Panel Dress 725
and 726 sewing patterns as my basic block The two patterns are the same 725 is a much requested multi sized version
726 is available in UK size 6-22 You can download both versions from my site – check the info button So as I said before I work with a net pattern If you like to do the same, just cut out using the solid
stitching line instead of the dashed seam allowance line I have a small piece left over on the fold
Maybe I’ll make a clutch bag Fabric bags matching your outfit are
absolutely the thing at the moment Just check out I have printed off my 726 panel dress to give you
an idea of the changes I have made I have chopped off the skirt portion This is a generalisation – I made up a muslin
and fined tuned the look to arrive at the final pattern You can see all the pattern pieces are wider
and there is less shaping at the waist The shoulder line has change to give the squared look and I have made shoulder pads
which I shall be showing you later I have widened the neck
I have fine tuned the shape to make it boxy I have quite a few sewing patterns
that would work well with this jacket Check out the description below this video for details And also the info button I have created a front facing and I have added a back neck facing piece
to cut on the fold You can see how the new shoulder
extends beyond the shoulder point And here again on the back The underarm points here are have been lowered The two piece sleeve has had a more drastic change In general the sleeve is a lot wider If you compare the underarm curve you will see
the jacket pattern has a slightly wider curve This matches the extra we added at the side seams
to give us a roomy jacket Measuring from the underarm line you can see
we have a much higher crown It is about 2cm that is 3/4” higher I have shifted the two seams so that the front seam
is more under the arm and the back seam is brought around
to the outside a little to give me the correct position
for the vent at the cuff So I slash down here on the back seam of the top sleeve and add it to the back seam of the under sleeve That makes the back sleeve seam
where it meets the armhole higher And the front sleeve seam lower
and more out of site under the arm I have a lot of patterns
that would team up well with this jacket The Sleeveless Princess Line Dress 715 The Pencil Skirt with Back Vent 485 This Shirt with Frill collar and cuffs 545
would be perfect Not forgetting my Jeans 948 and the Men’s Straight Cut Selvedge Jeans M983
are good for women too Visit my Notebook Page to check on my current plans All my tutorials are free Also all PDF Sewing Patterns
are available on my site Subscribe for all of them or buy them individually Please also subscribe to my channel to be kept up to date with videos and sewing patterns Thank you for watching this tutorial

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