Design Hero – Travel Massive Dublin – event sponsored by DEEM

(lively instrumental music) – So the Travel Massive
team wanted to do something to represent one of the
most important aspects of a great travel company. Great travel companies do
execution extremely well, operations; they just get the passenger, where they want to go, perfectly. But they’ve also put brand in the middle of everything that they’ve done, and design is particular to that. Tonight’s Travel Massive
is all about design. We have the Head of Digital
for Aer Lingus joining us. She’ll be brought along with the head of their branding agency to talk about their recent refresh at Aer Lingus. And we’ll also have a gentleman
from Montreal, Hopper, a new mobile application,
to talk a little bit about how you can bring delight
to passengers and guests through a great mobile experience. Tonight I’m going to be
talking to the audience about the brand identity of Aer Lingus and the refresh of the
brand earlier this year, so that will entail everything
from the design elements, how we appointed the agency,
how we worked with them, and how we got to where
we got to in the end, looking at all of the different elements of font, color, shamrocks, and the like. Design is very, very important because it really does
what it says on the tin. Whatever’s on the outside of your aircraft tells the audience a whole lot about you. It tells whether you’re low
cost, whether you’re premium, or where we are. It’s actually a value
carrier somewhere in between. So the livery has to
communicate all of that to the guests out there watching. – So I’m going to be talking about how you really bring a business strategy, brand strategy to life through design and talking about Aer Lingus, which is fascinating in the sense that you rarely get to work with businesses that kind of belong to
the country as much as they belong to the people
who own the company. And that relationship,
getting the design right, I think is an enormous
challenge and a great one. So that’s all I’m gonna be talking about. – Though I will be talking about how design innovates
in the travel industry, so we are building a product
on a mobile-only platform, whether it’s IOS or Android. So we are looking into creating a different kind of experience for users to find when is the best
time to book their flight. So our focus on how to teach travel is ultimately to bring data and prediction into the funnels and the experience that the user will be having. So, in other words, we are informing users whether this price is good or bad, ultimately to reduce the anxiety and allow them to make clear decisions in their traveling process. So obviously, as I’m mostly focused on the user experience
side, the design side, it’s easy for me to go
more in detail today, knowing that the audience
will be quite large. My goal will be to give an overview of how Hopper, as a
company, built a product that is immersive and
different from the others. – It was a really interesting plan. We had some really great designers who had tremendous experience
on the consumer side. We had content providers on
the business travel side. Technology-rich, really
interesting audience. Very, very good people to mingle
with and be involved with. Really great event. And we have been excited about
growing our business here. We opened our office in mid-July. We brought about 20, 25
people here in Ireland. The business is very exciting. The number of startups in the area is really interesting to us. The number of really great people who wanna work in advanced
technology is interesting, so we wanna be a part of the community and learn from what’s
going on here in Ireland. And the excitement
around travel technology is fantastic here, and we’re just pleased to be a part of it. (lively instrumental music)


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