Design & Draw Fashion Sketches : Fine Tuning a Fashion Design

So now we’re just go over it, kinda fine tune
it and kinda get our whole idea out on the paper and we’re also gonna make it look like
as if we never really trace the girl. So I’m just kinda go over my lines here. Let see.
Maybe she needs hair. Maybe she should have that haircut right. We’ll give her that haircut,
with the 90’s revival bob. So she got hair now. And we kind go over her arms, make her
little skinnier if we want by that, make it more purposeful. Okay. So we got our outline. And she got some
shoes on. Now we got our basic. How we’d like the haircut, that looks like the haircut.
Okay. And here we go. Now we’ve got a drawing of our basic outfit. Now we’re ready to add
some color, and add some shading and add some express to it.


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