Delightful single story home design for 14 lakh | Video tour

Today we brings another delightful
single story home designed for 14 lakh the total area of this home is 980
square feet the construction price 14 lakh is based on current location and
maybe a small changes in another locations this 2 BHK home build in 3
cent plot this home is located at the ruin kala let’s go to the inner area here a simple living space and a Hall is
provided with six seat dining table space this home floor is constructed in
marbles walls in laterite stone and roofing in concrete the doors and
windows are made in wood also see the washbasin let’s check the bedroom spaces this bedroom designed with very simple
interior and attached bath we are in second bedroom this just like
first bedroom with attached bath the spare made with concrete and marbles let’s move to kitchen it is an excellent
kitchen with racks and storage spaces also this home has an extended work area
let’s check now if we conclude it is a simple and
budget-friendly home with modern facilities and design if you’re looking
for a budget home no doubt you can prefer this you


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