Dani Ryan’s ’35 Hour Master Canvas’ | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Does it look like an effect
when you get it at a different country?
That’s biomechanical I think. I’m just fucking doing
some shit right now. Having the least amount
of experience out of every contestant in this
competition is intimidating. I was just relying
on what I knew, which was not a lot
compared to all these people, but I’m hoping the judges see
that I took everything that they told me
and brought it into this tattoo. 35 hours to do a full color
biomechanical back piece. I feel it’s not going
to be enough time, but I’m going to have to rally. Hey, I’m Jake.
I’m your master canvas. How you doing? Hi Jake. Nice to meet you. My competitors Creepy Jason
and Laura, they gave me
full color biomechanical. So, let me show you
what I drew up. Yeah, that’s pretty wild. Cool?
Yeah. I like it a lot. It’s going to be bold,
some light rays coming out. It’s going to be a lot
of cool colors and blues and purples in the outside and then we’re going to have
this big fireball in the middle. I actually think it’s going
to be a lot of fun. I actually had
a lot of fun drawing it. Do what you got to do
to bring that money home. That’s pretty sick. Yeah? Awesome. Well, I’m glad you like it.
That makes this lot easier. We have 35 hours
to do this whole tattoo. So, I hope you can sit. This first session we’re just
going to get the lines done. Hopefully at the end of this
we’ll get values done, get the black black in.
Dude, this looks so sick. I swear to God.
Are you ready. Fire in the hole. Let’s fucking do this man. This session will probably
be the toughest. Being the first person to do
biomechanical in the finale and then doing
my first mach piece ever for millions
of people to see, oh my God,
there are so many ways I could mess this up right now. I honestly don’t think 35 hours
is going to be enough time, but I’m going to do my best.
Doing tattoos at my own pace. It was nice. I almost forgot
how wonderful it was. Nice and bold
and fricking awesome. I think I’ve drawn this
at least 20 times. I’m not even over exaggerating.
You feel better the higher I go? Does it hurt less? No, it all kind of sucks. It all sucks right now?
You’re doing so good though. My friend, I think
we can stop here. Wonderful. We got a lot done though. You sat like a fucking champion.
Let’s take a look. That’s a lot of shit back there. We did a lot, yeah. I think I said that before, but- We got the lines down. We got it pretty much
all mapped out. So, that’s good,
but next session we’ll keep adding
some more shading and then we’ll be able
to start the color I think after we get
the shading done because I think we’ll get the
shading done next time around. Hey, how you doing?
So good to see you again. I’m glad you came back.
Welcome. All right,
I have something to show you. I took the drawing
that we started with and did a lot more rendering and did a lot more changes
to color and light source and all that fun stuff. We’re going to go over
all the black and all the darks and start to get all
the blue colors in there and stuff like that. It’s going to be super intense.
De-shirt my friend. I would love to see
how we healed up. Oh shit. Nice.
Dude, you heal up like a dream. The next three sessions,
I’m going to kick your ass. Hammer away. I will. You know what? That’s the attitude
I was hoping for. I hope you’re ready for a day
because this is going to be… I hope you had
a good breakfast. We’re going to work
on the top part of this thing and then I’m going to work
on the bottom and then we’re going to
come back to the top. Three hours and
[inaudible 00:03:41]. It’s always good to do the darks
before the lights. Oh man.
You did it man. You got me fucked up- I told you
I’d beat you up today. I wasn’t kidding. Next time
it’s going to be even worse. You want to check it out? Yeah. You are a beast.
Hi. All right, let’s see it. It’s going to be
a lot of warm colors. Pretty much focusing
on that center part. All right, let’s get
the show on the road. This is going to be
so intense. I never thought I’d do anything
this intense in my entire life. Ah man. It’s just never enough time.
Check it out. It’s getting there. It’s getting there.
Got a lot done. Not as much as I wanted, but- We can see that sun finally.
It was just a hole. Yeah. I know. Definitely could’ve
gotten more done today, but it’s a humongous tattoo. So, I can only expect
so much out of myself. So, next time we’ll work
on the outer portions of it, the the rib type pieces,
the shoulder blade pieces, everything that’s on
the foreground. Hey, how’s it going?
All right, let’s see it. Let’s take a look.
Oh my god, that’s crazy. Holy shit.
Oh, you healed up awesome. Oh yay. How was it?
How was it this time around? Not bad. Not bad? Tolerable? Yeah.
Awesome. Today we’re going to be working
a lot on the outer parts. So, the rib pieces
that come in on the side and then these shoulder
blade pieces. We only have two sessions
to figure it out. This machine’s definitely
changed the game too because it shades
so much smoother. Got a lot of shoulder
work to do. I wanted to save this one
for the last session, but I’m doing it right now to
save myself some time next time. Cool. That’s why you’re feeling
like death right now probably. Oh well. This is the longest
30 seconds ever. You did it.
What do you think? That is unreal. I didn’t think we were
going to get this done because I finished the bottom and we still had
the shoulder blades and those little horns
at the top and it was not looking good. We had maybe two hours left
and I was like, “Fuck,” but I can’t wait to do the last
session because it’ll be… Everything will crisp up.
The end is near. Are you excited about that?
You have to be. Very. Oh yeah. How you doing? Awesome.
How did it heal up? Wonderful.
Good? Yeah? Are you ready for this
to be in the last session? I’m glad to see the light
at the end of the tunnel. Yeah. All right. Let me see. I just need to get
this thing done because,
well these healed up nice. The little holes. So, I’m going to touch up
a lot of the line work. I’m going to line work basically
almost the whole thing. I got a lot to do. Nice. One more to go. I’m going to wreck you.
This is nuts. This is the craziest thing
I’ve ever done. I am so glad that
this is the last session. Did we do that? No fucking way.
This building is old as balls. It’s most likely
the whole street. I am going to check
if the business across the street has power.
Did you guys- Yes. You did?
Yes. Oh, okay. They lost power too
because it’s the street. With 23 minutes left,
the power just had to go out for some fucking reason
because that’s my luck. Oh shit.
Was there an accident? Power lines coming down.
A tree fell on the power lines. I guess the power lines
are on fire. They’re getting people
off the bike path. That’s why that guy was
just riding on the road here. So, God knows when we’re going
to get power back now. I need every second
of this fricking time. So, this is
violently inconvenient. We have light.
Yeah. This is insane. I’m so glad that you have
a truck that has a generator. Yeah, our own little
personal generator. That’s pretty sweet. Knew that generator would
be good for something one day. Yeah. Right? The risk of your car
running out of batteries. Let’s get this going. Shut the fuck up.
Yeah! Thank you Jesus. Done, but it’s over. I don’t have to stab you
in the back any longer. Hop on up my friend.
Check it out. That is the gnarliest shit
I’ve ever seen. Nuclear reactor. Yes! Perfect. Nailed it. I got to say, I am pretty proud
of this back piece. I’m just so glad it’s over. I don’t want to do biomechanical
ever again and I’m relieved. I’m relieved that it’s done and I think that it came out
pretty cool.


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