Cute Glitter Whale – Magic Drawing and Painting for Kids and Toddlers | Bubble Brush Art

Bubble Brush! Welcome to Bubble Brush!
Today we are going to draw a whale! A lot of colors and a lot of glitter. Here’s my desk. Hmm… I see an alligator, an elephant, an eagle…
But I don’t see a whale. That’s because whales live in the ocean. We need some
water. Don’t do this at home. And here comes the whale! Let’s use the Bubble
Brush to make some bubbles. Now it’s time to draw! I’m drawing a whale’s body first, a tail, here’s an eye, and flippers. The whale has
a very big mouth. Now it’s time to paint. I’m going to use
blue paint for the body. There is some fish. Red. It’s a red fish. Orange. Tt’s an orange
fish. Yellow This fish is yellow. Green. This fish is green. Light blue. Here’s a light blue fish. Blue. That’s a blue fish. Purple. Here comes a purple fish. Now let’s paint the ocean
light blue. I see a lot of bubbles. Here’s the school of fish again. Glitter Time! Purple. Blue. Light Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. Red. Now our whale is ready for swimming!


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