Copying Courses in Canvas

Hello! This video covers the process of copying course
content from one Canvas course into another. To begin, log-in to Canvas at This process assumes that you have your destination
course already created; if you have yet to create your destination course, please take a moment now to review our video for creating Canvas courses. Let’s start by entering into our destination
course. Next, click on Settings on the course menu. Click on Import Course Content. From the drop-down menu here, select Copy
a Canvas Course, then use the search box to find your source course. This is the course where you are copying materials
from. Next, let’s select if we want to do a full
copy of all content, or if we want to do a specific import. If we choose to select specific content, we
get to choose exactly what materials come from the source course into your destination
course. If we select All Content, everything, with
the exception of any users and their data, will come over to the destination course. The last option is to adjust the event and
due dates for items. If you are moving from a course you taught
previously, you may find it helpful to adjust or remove due dates using this option. Once everything looks good, go ahead and click
Import to start the import process. If you chose to do a specific import, click
Select Content to choose the materials to copy. You can use the checkboxes to select all materials
of a certain type, or you can open each section to find specific items. Once everything is select, click Select Content
to start the import. Once the import is processing, it will appear
on the bottom of the page. It will first display as Queued, then move
to Running, then move to Completed. Once the copy shows as queued, you can safely
leave this page and return later if you wish to check on the status of the copy. Generally, course copies complete in just
a few minutes, so you’ll be up-and-running with your copied content in no time! If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact either Canvas Support through the Help button in Canvas, or the CWRU Service
Desk at 368-HELP or at Thanks for watching!

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