Cómo Convertir Videos a Dibujos, Efecto SKETCH

There is an effect used in movies and series video called Sketch effect is to give life to a drawing or pencil sketch painted watercolor from being a static paint a real motion video This technique is used especially in the opening credits and end of movies and usually in the opening credits we see this effect moving from a sketch to a real image thus giving begins the story that we will see In the end credits the opposite will happen ie It will be a real sketch thus putting an end to the history we have seen image. Another use of this effect in the opening credits is to publicize the names of the actors and characters that are part of the film This video will show how to sketch effect using Adobe Premiere and Photoshop are you Prepare @? The most complicated part of this tutorial comes into play and creativity of each is the process of giving the appearance of drawing a frame obtained from the video we’re editing in the timeline I have already imported the video clip is an image recorded on an avenue of London with Big Ben takes the bottom, I’ll make the SKETCH effect at the beginning of the clip in this way to begin our story The way to do this is always the same regardless applies whether the beginning or the end, all that varies is that if we make the top We will capture the first frame of the clip and if applied at the end we will use the last frame how we will perform At first we took the playhead at the beginning of the clip and click the button to export frames set in the program panel If for any reason we did not have visible the icon, click on the editor buttons at the bottom right of the panel it represented by the “+”, the press, it opens the symbol editor buttons, it selected, Fijaros that has the icon of a camera and to add is as easy as drag it to the panel and press OK Well once we have the export button you press frame and opens the export window frames. We give it a name, for example Drawing Big Ben choose the format, I recommend PNG but you can also use JPEG without problem. we chose to examine the fate I exportaré on the desktop and the option to import the project leave selected because it is just that what we want, so to finish press OK. As you can see we created the project panel and we will not take the beginning of the timeline will move the video a bit to make room and place it at the beginning, right here We close the gap and as you can see we have the still image at the beginning The next step is to edit the still image in Photoshop to give the effect of drawing in this part of the tutorial comes into play the creativity of each and dexterity when using the photo editing program for this tutorial I’ll give it a look of paint on a white canvas pencil Let’s take it to Photoshop and press the clip drawing with the right mouse button and choose edit in Adobe Photoshop. We will open the program and as you can see spending another program material is that simple just press a button and we will do our imported into Photoshop image editing image and save it will return to Premiere edited completely let’s start duplicating the layer 0 and so we are several ways to do this, I usually drag the layer 0 to the icon to create layer. I’m going to rename by double-click and call “Layer 1” we will remove the color image desaturándola for them we layer having one selected image will setting and select “desaturate” let then to create for the effect paint pen We begin duplicating the layer 1 and calling “layer 2” we will invert the colors that is what will be black white black and white image for this we will setting and select to invest. we will give this layer a blending mode and for this we vary said normal mode to overexpose Color we already have white ready to start drawing canvas. go to the “Filter” menu “Other” and select “minimum” we have the drawing done in paragraph leave retain the option “Squaring” and the slider “radio” give the appearance that we like in my case I’ll leave it to a minimum After adjusting press ok We have a very flat drawing to give volume we will apply the Gaussian blur effect, for this go to “filter” “Defocus” and select “Gaussian blur” as you can already see the drawing has lacked the volume using the slider radio we can get different results considering that a larger radius more realism we will have in the image In this example I will leave for example roughly 1.8 and to finish pulsare ok Below I will darken and brighten different areas of the image for this first I will combine layers 1 and 2 select the two layers by holding down the Shift key and pressing the right mouse button combine layers selected by the burn tool located in the tool panel to the left of the program oscureceremos areas we want to emphasize more Finally we will ajustarle levels for this select the layer 2 click on creating new fill or adjustment layer and select levels and contrast it slightly adjusting its parameters in this way we would have our frame converted to a pencil drawing on a white background You can give the effects you can think of color it, change the background of the sheet, place framework and is a matter of using your skills with this program or look for tutorials. Once you finished to be exported directly to Premiere we need are all combined layers, select all the layers and right mouse button choose “merge layer” Now if we keep all the changes we have made in Photoshop and Premiere again we find that our frame has been updated with all the changes we made in photoshop To create the transition between the drawing and the actual image is as easy as applying a video transition I usually use specifically dissolving film that is in effect panel Video Transitions folder “Dissolve” select and we took her to cut between drawing and video clip, adjust it so that it centered to thereby select, go to effect controls panel and in alignment select “focus on the cut” in time we give that best suits our edition the higher, the longer the transition effect in this example I will leave the duration of 25 frames Premiere gives default corresponding to one second. And finally we add the soundtrack and have our effect SKETCH completely finished. Well I hope as long as this video on SKETCH effect has been helpful to you, if it has been so do not forget to leave a “Like” and subscribe if you want to be part of this great community of friends. I did not want to say goodbye without first thank all of you who have worked providing information about movies and containing this effect. I hope you have a happy holiday and see you next year in the next video.

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