Communication Design at Kutztown University

Design, it’s the art of creating
something that communicates visually, something that captures attention,
something that stirs an emotional response. KUVA’s communication design program can show you how to achieve all of these reactions through your work.
With the largest number of majors within KUVA, communication design at Kutztown is a nationally recognized program that has earned the respect of employers
across all 50 states. If a close-knit community of enthusiastic individuals,
each with their own vision and personality, sounds like an atmosphere you would
thrive in then the communication design program is the place for you. Whether
you’re interested in advertising, package design, website design, or a career in
illustration, the communication design program will give you the experience and
the creative foundation you need to excel in any number of work environments.
Communication design graduates have gone on to work at some of the country’s top
Ad agencies, design studios, publishers, marketing firms, manufacturers,
interactive design agencies, and many more places where visual communication
is a key to success. Communcation design concentrations include graphic design,
advertising design, illustration, and interactive design. Beginning with the fundamentals of
graphic design, as applied through the interaction of type and image, the
graphic design concentration provides the foundation needed to formulate
effective layouts and incorporate a variety of elements into one’s overall
design scheme. More advanced work includes the study of the design and
structuring of information for magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and periodicals.
Emphasis is placed on text hierarchy as well as the design of covers, content
pages, special sections, and feature stories and articles. Graphic designers,
they choose to put their artistic talent and vision to work across a variety of
mediums, they choose Kutztown University. The world of advertising is as fast
paced as it is ever-changing and it’s all covered within the advertising
design concentration. Starting with the history and fundamentals of advertising,
the various roles within an ad agency, and the function of the advertising
designer, coursework then moves on to the accurate communication of the
advertisers message through concept development. Words and visuals and brand personality. Advanced study includes the development of effective creative
solutions that remain on target regardless of the medium they’re applied
to. Advertising designers, they choose to utilize their skill and creativity to
deliver a compelling memorable message, they choose Kutztown University. From a creative standpoint, a career
in illustration offers limitless avenues for expression, the illustration
concentration begins with the fundamental building blocks of
illustration, concepts and compositional forms, and the process of computer
illustration. From there, coursework covers the different markets available
to an illustrator, how to create and market an illustration portfolio, and
what to expect from actual illustration jobs. Copywrighting your work,
self-promotion, and pricing are also discussed. Illustrators, whatever they’re
tasked with they choose to explore and develop the artistic approach that will
best bring their subject matter to light, they choose Kutztown University. By
keeping students at the forefront of today’s newest design technologies the
interactive design concentration allows the exploration and development of
skills that are growing demand by the day. Areas of focus within the
interactive design concentration include website design, multimedia design, digital
animation, 3d computer animation, and motion graphics. Interactive design
projects and professional areas of focus include web sites, computer games, DVD’s, cd-roms, educational kiosks, corporate
presentations, and broadband web content. Interactive designers, they choose to
push the envelope of visual communication while making the most of
their talent, they choose Kutztown University.

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