Common Instructional Design Principles

I am here with Heather from Artisan Talent.
We are talking about instructional design. I must admit I’m completely ignorant. Start
me off what is instructional design? Well, instructional design would be say you
are taking an online course through a university. Those courses have to be developed by somebody
and put together so that’s where instructional design comes in.
Okay cool and what is it to be an instructional design freelancer?
I would say there is a law in this phase that our freelancers, if you want to get into more
of a full-time role, most of this is long term contract. You know 40 hours a week; a
lot of it can be done on site or off-site which is nice because we work with a lot of
instructional designers across the country for clients in Chicago and New York and
elsewhere. As long as you can connect you know via web
may be its Skype, may be its you know some sort of other web program and connect with
that client and have regular meetings there you go. So it’s developing courses, legitimate
courses that students are enrolling in online to learn content.
Okay, cool and what would an instructional design career look like? I mean, you had some
people through half a year in years. (Yes) what is that career look like?
Some people have been on long term contracts and still remain on those. You know they are
kind of considered permanence. So, you know, what’s that now? Permanence, I have never
heard of that. So, they work 40 hours a week on going contract.
You know, and we would get a heads up obviously if we knew things were kind of coming to an
end but we would talk about that but right now it’s permanence and it just keep extending
that person as long as everybody is still doing work, it’s great. Sometimes that it
is a short term contract and we know that. May be its more about a 2-6 months contract
for a course that is being developed and and that’s usually the case but there’s a lot
of work out there where you can roll into different types of clients whether be education
or corporate. That training piece that’s digital right now is very important to companies and
to institutions. Okay and what kind of software would you need
to be familiar with? Whether that software like I don’t know Photoshop or something or
you know coding platforms. What’s the big stuff right now?
We usually see I would say Blackboard and Articulate are kind of big ones
in that instructional designs phase. I do come across others that you know have moved
into that coding space. They are more on the instructional development side whereas the
designers just really need to understand Articular and Blackboard and may be a little bit of
that Photoshop piece. So just kind of depends on the client for those are kind of the big
names in the market place. Okay cool and let’s talk about the specifics
here. What kind of work could you get? What kind of money can you earn if you choose to
get into instructional design? Whoa we have let’s see here. It’s definitely
competitors based as there is a lot of work out there. It depends on the client. You know,
something is more over an institution or something. It might be at 35-60 range. It’s a corporation
might be a little bit up from that. I will tell talent that I’m going to kind of share
with you and have you make that decision. If it’s something that you know you are interested
in because they are being asked for a lot of different projects. They have to weigh
things out. We are comparative though and we have variably happy talent.
Okay, cool and lets obviously you work with Artisan Talent who is an agency that specializes
in this kind of work. What if I was looking for instructional design kind of work what’s
the best way to reach out to you guys? You know a lot of people do go directly through
our website or through LinkedIn. Other people apply directly to a job which is completely
fine. Sometimes they come across one of us on LinkedIn and reach out directly
that way too. So and we will definitely respond once we hear from you.
Okay cool and then last question what’s the advantage of working with an agency on instructional
design versus just I don’t know going on your own.
That’s a really good question because I do teach a lot instructional design talent. They
have their own client base which is great but we come across clients that only work
through an agency such as Artisan Talent to find instructional designers. So we are a
good place to get to know to add share rapid fire.
So there is a lot of opportunities that come through an agency that really don’t happen
directly. Yes they don’t have the resources may be internally to find these people so
they ask us for that expertise and finding those right people. Alright sounds good. Well
if I am an instructional designer I am going to click on the website. I don’t want to have
to find the work. I don’t want to have to figure out the insurance and all that crazy
stuff. I would prefer you to do work for me. Exactly! Alright cool thanks for your help
on that. Thank you.


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