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Hello! Alex here in eLearning at Clark College This video will show you how to login as a
student on the Clark College Canvas site for the
first time I’ll also show you how to change your password,
get help, and where to learn more about using
Canvas. So this is the Clark College Canvas login screen
and we’re using one of the recommended
browsers for use in Canvas, Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is the other browser we
recommend for use in Canvas. Both browsers are free and available for
download at and Clark’s Canvas is located at so enter that into your browser address bar and
press the enter key. You can bookmark the login site to help you return
later. Your Canvas username is your 9 digit Student ID
number with no dashes or spaces. For most Clark students, it will begin with 940. Do not use your Social Security number! If you are a new Clark College student as of Winter quarter 2017, your initial Canvas password will be your original Global PIN that you received, plus two zeros added to the end. If you are a continuing student, loggin in to Canvas for the first time, your initial password is Your original Global PIN that you received, without the extra zeros. Enter your password carefully. Click the button to login or press the “Enter” key
on your keyboard. Now if that didn’t work, recheck your Student ID
and Global PIN password and be sure to type it
accurately. If you still can’t login, click the “Forgot
password?” link to reset your password. The Canvas password reset utility will only send
email to your Clark student Gmail account so enter that in this field and click “Request
Password.” Follow directions in the password reset email and
once you’ve changed your password you’ll be returned to Clark College Canvas login
page where you can enter your SID number (without
dashes) and the new password you created. If all else fails, just click on “Help” in the footer then “Report a Problem” and fill in the details let us know how we can help you. Once you have the entered the correct
credentials and have logged in, it’s important to
change your password to protect your account. Here’s how… click on “Account” in the upper left corner, then click on “Settings” Click the “Edit Settings” button and then click the “Change password” box Type in your old password first, and then enter
your new password twice. Click the Update Settings button and you’re done When you’re done using Canvas, be sure to
logout to protect your account security and
coursework especially if you’re using a public computer. To do so, click on “Account” and click “Logout” in the upper left hand corner. So just a tip about accessing this site with your
smartphone or tablet… Canvas has a free App for iOS and Android
available or you can access your Canvas courses with
your device’s mobile browser However, we do not recommend that you rely on
a mobile device to take an online course and
instead only use them to check on things. You’ll find helpful information for using mobile
phones and tablets in the Canvas Guides. Keep yourself updated on Smart Penguin for
information about any updates as they’re
developed for Canvas. To learn more about using Canvas be sure to visit online Student Orientation which you can access from the footer of our Clark College Canvas site. Smart Penguin, the eLearning website, and our
Twitter feed can also be accessed from the
footer. See you online!

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