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– Hi, it’s me, Clara! And you guessed it, I’m going to tell Clara’s life story. With the help of Cody of course. Hi Cody! You ready to draw? Okay here we go, woo hoo! I was born in New York
City on January 30, 2012. My mom said that the cab
ride to get to the hospital was pretty terrible. Sorry Mom. After I was born, we lived
in a teeny tiny apartment in Brooklyn. Then when I was six months
old, I flew across the country with my mom and my grandma to Seattle. My dog Dexter even came on
the airplane. Woof woof! My parents told me that when
I was a baby I was really fat. My legs were so big they used to get stuck in the Bumbo chair. My parents had to work
together to pop me out. One of my favorite things to do as a baby was to be carried around in a little pack, facing out to see the world. The whole world was my oyster. Once we were all settled in Seattle, my parents bought a house! And I started going to daycare. I used to cry every time
my parents dropped me off. When I turned three by
baby brother Theo was born. – [Interviewer] Does Theo ever cry? – Yes, he cries a lot. Ga ga ha. My parents brought him home with a pizza. When he was brand new,
his face was really red. And we used to call him Mr. Tomato Face. Sorry, Theo. Every summer I go to Montana. We go swimming and hiking
and we see the animals and geysers in Yellowstone Park. Psshhww! When I turned four, I
was finally big enough to ride a horse. Neigh! I think his name was Blackdog
or maybe it was Blackie. I also love going to our beach cabin. At the cabin there’s a super soft chair, that we like to read books in. I have so many great
memories at the cabin. One time I made a little
ant house of sticks. Another time, mouse came in
and pooped on the counter. (giggles) In the summer we go crabbing. And now I even know which
ones are boys and girls, just by looking at the bottom. Triangle for boys and
the girls sort of has a circle-y thing on it. I love catching crabs, but
I love eating them more. I’m lucky that my Grandma and
Grandfather live close by. And they take me on adventures. Once we all went to Hawaii
and I got to go snorkeling. Bubble bubble bubble. I saw so many different kinds of fish, like Nemo fish and
turtles. I like turtles. Now I’m six and I started
kindergarten this year. Sometimes we get blue stars and popcorn. – [Interviewer] What’s a blue star? – For doing so good, that’s what it means. I learned to ski this year! And I like it because you
get to whoosh so fast. Whoosh, whoosh. It almost feels like you’re flying. I got to ski on one ski first and then I got to ski on two skis, yeah! I’m still working on that pizza thingy. I’m not so sure about that,
it doesn’t work every time. Another one of my favorite things is to play with my friends. Isa, Anica, Allie, and Ava, other Ava. – [Interviewer] You’ve
got a lot of friends. – Yeah, I do. And my mom. I love to swim and I take
lessons at my school. I even learned to dive. – [Interviewer] What does that look like? – No you actually do this. Cowabunga! I also really love the
book “Charlie Box Brown”. We read it at school. It’s about segregation and
a man that escaped the South by hiding in a box. – [Interviewer] Is that
true? It’s a true story? – Yeah it’s a true story. Oh and I can’t forget about
hiho, my daddy’s friends with Ernie’s daddy and
that’s how I started hiho. I’m excited to grow up. I want to be a lawyer,
because my mom’s a lawyer. And she goes to jail almost
every day to help people. I want to be just like her. Thank you guys, I hope you
learned something new about me. And thanks Cody for drawing.

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