Chrome Nails Using Gel Polish

So what i am gonna do for you today is some
amazing Chrome nails Using the different pigment powders we’ve
got they are all gonna be a little bit different a little bit sparkley a little bit special So i’m gonna do these on a tip and i’m gonna start of by doing a black base using SWAT TEAM from the Urban Graffiti Range I’m going to do two coats of this colour So i’ve got a nice dense black i’m gonna bounce it towards the cuticle as
if this was a real finger I’m just doing it on tips today just purely ffor ease it’s quite a quick demo this is for you gonna cure that into the lamp for one minute So that is the 2nd coat What we are gonna use is the top and base from the urban Graffiti range now this has a sticky layer i have tried it with the Mega Gloss which is a hard gel and it doesn’t work it needs to have some kind of sticky layer but i’ll talk about that the more that i go through this process so you’re just gonna do a normal coat of this such a big trend at the minute, it’s going
berserk on all of the social media sites everybody is just going berserk for chrome
nails and cure that So we’ve got a gorgeous black shiny nail what you need to do now is take a dry lint free pad i’ve tried this with a few different lint
free pads these sort of paper ones actually work really
well i’ve tried it with other ones and they still
leave a little bit of lint on Drives me around the bend So what we are going to do is we are not going to use any gel residue wipe
off solution nothing at all just a dry lint free pad so you are gonna pretend you’ve ran out of
you gel res and what we are gonna do is completely wipe
off the sticky layer now you don’t want to see any lines in it so you’ve gotta keep wiping at it you can keep changing the part of the pad
you are wiping with that really helps if you leave some of the sticky layer on see i can see, you might not be able to see
this on camera,. but i can see little lines, and if you leave that on and
when you come to put your pigment on you’ll still see the lines So you’ve gotta make sure you get the squeak yeah, now you know that that’s all gone yeah, and you can see that by just looking at it so you’ll get a nice squeak as well and then you’re ready so i’m going to use which one can i use my gorgeous pigments So i’m gonna use the gun metal first now be careful, because if you drop this it
will just explode everywhere you only need a tiny bit so what you would do if you were doing it
on a real client is just take out a small amount pop it onto
a pallet something that you can just discard so you
are not having any cross contamination or anything i’ve got a clean and dry metal cuticle pusher so i can take a small amount of it out i’m just gonna use the lid today just because were doing a demonstration
we’re not doing it on a real person and then you can use a makeup sponge but i really like using these because this brush is really firm and it’ll really press it into the actual nail so you are gonna get some of the pigment and i like to do it in this order press it all in cover the nail and then start to rub with the brush and drag it back keep dragging it back till you’ve taken off any excess but you’re also pressing that pigment right into it you’ll get to the point where you cannot press any more pigment in and it will just start to reveal that shine as you rub it into the nail so you’ve got a gorgeous gun metal shine look at that gorgeous don;’t get me rubbing my nose i’ve got really bad hayfever so i’m like arrgghhhhh so what we are gonna do we’re not just gonna leave it like that because f we left it like that it would wear
off we are going to seal it in and you can seal it in with either Mega Gloss or you can seal it in with Top and Base I’m gonna use mega Gloss Just because i don’t want a sticky layer If you were doing it on a natural nail you would need to use a soft soak off gel so you would use the top and base if you are doing it over acrylic or hard gel,
you can still use your Mega Gloss so you can see that gorgeous gun metal chrome
nail gonna cure that in the lamp now Excited, sorry there you have, the finished nail I
can see myself in it That’s awesome I am in love with that Oh are you pinging? oh my god the camera man is pinging no phones allowed Now what i’m gonna do is show you all of the
other pigments in this Chrome pigment collection So i have some nails that i have done earlier NOw we are going to do the Gold which is one of my favourites So we are going to do exactly the same as
we did before So as you rub this nail can you see it getting shinier that’s because the particles are all sitting
next to each other and sitting really flat on the nail If you don’t rub it you won’t get the high shine and make sure you rub your brush across to get that high shine it’s also gonna take of any excess So they are all finished now So you have got Gun Metal Then we have got Gold The we have got Bronze So Chameleon lookslike a browny colour but look what it goes on like oh my god it is amazing Then we have got Purple, so you’ve got a purple
powder that leaves a blue hue look at that, oh my days, that is just devine and then Fuchsia, which just looks amazing absolutely love that one totally changes the colour of the black and like i say have a goof this on a white nail or a blue
nail a pink nail a green nail and you’re gonna get a massive a mount of
colours just from these six powders because as soon as you put powder on to it it will completely change the pigments will change the underneath colour So get experimenting So i hope you have enjoyed this video on the Chrome Nail fashion trend that is about
at the minute If you want to purchase all of these chromes if you check the link below in the description box just click the link and it will take you straight
to the website so don’t forget to add us on Instagram aswell Naio Nails UK

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