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Hey everyone, it’s Kim from Apostrophe S and
I am here with a great kit that you’re going to love and just in time for Christmas. This
is called our Felted Forest Gold and Felted Forest Silver. I’m going to show you the gold
first. That one is a little bit big and this next one is way too big, but I’ll show you
just in case, even though it doesn’t fit. So it’s the set of three trees and we’ve got
the gold accents on the pedestal at the bottom and then the star at the top. Now these will
probably look familiar because we also had Felted Forest last year. It’s more of a traditional
color scheme. This one is the gold and then to show you what silver looks like…we’ve
also got Felted Forest Silver. This one has the silver on the top, the bottom and then
the grey and silver accent pieces. These are really cute and I love that they come in a
set of three. It’s kind of fun to cluster them together like on a mantel or something.
But they also look kind of cute if you spread them out in your house too. Now when you open
your kit, this is what it will look like. You’ve got your bases for your trees and then
your felt, the fun part. This is great quality felt. It’s got a good
weight and a good feel to it. It’s nice and thick. It’s not going to tear on you. We’ve
got mostly white and then your accent pieces. You’ll see that there’s some that are dark
and a few more that are a little bit lighter, just to give you some variation. It makes
it kind of more interesting I think. Now in this bag you’ve got glue and pins,
paint, paint brush and then a lot of laser cut wood pieces and that’s going to help you
build your, the pedestal stand. Excuse me, and also the stars. Then we’ve got some dowels
in there for you as well. Pretty much everything that you need, but you are going to want a
paint palette, sorry, a paper plate to use as a paint palette and then scratch paper,
butcher paper, just something to protect your table while you’re painting. Because as cute
as the metallic paint is, you don’t want it on your kitchen table. Now, to get started we’re going to get organized
first. All of the wood pieces that I showed you in this bag, they’re all labeled. So they
have a place and it’s easier to put them together when they’ve got labels. So the first thing
that you’re going to do is get all of your labels together and start with a number. So
this one says 2a. I’m going to get all of the 2’s together, the stars, the circles,
everything. That corresponds with tree two, which is the middle tree. For number one it’s the biggest tree and then
two is for the middle tree. Three is for the smallest tree. That’s, I know that you’re
worried you’re going to have to remember that, you won’t because you’ll see the size is definitely
different. So this is the middle tree I’m working on. We’re going to stack these circles
to create that pedestal. And we’ve got letters to help us so A, B, C, D, and E. I am just going to sneak this one and show
you what it will end up looking like. So if you peak under the leaves here, these are
all A’s. The next step up is B, C’s, D’s, and then this top circle is the E. You don’t
have to paint this one. It’s going to be flush with the edge of the cone, or sorry, it’s
going to be against the surface of the cone here, and we’re going to glue that one in.
So that’s what we’re trying to build. So you’ll get your dowel, one of the bigger
ones, and we’re going to put the A’s on the bottom, just like that. Then you grab your
B circles, gather them together and we’re going to stick them right on too. Well, maybe
we are. There we go. C’s are next. Then you’ve got a lot of D’s. These will be
the smallest circles. I kind of feel like we’re building a layered cake or something
here with all of these layers on top of each other. Last one…there we go. Then E will be the last one. Okay? Now as you can see we’ve got to secure it
with glue or it’s going to fall apart. So what you do is you just kind of slide the
A discs off and we’re going to start adding some glue to them and glue to the dowel as
well. So I’m going to put some on the dowel, like
that and then this A one is going to go against the B, so I’m not going to go, I’m not going
to put glue all the way to the edge, just in the middle to get them stuck, like that. Then glue on this one and the last one. It’s
pretty simple. And then you can see I’m still flush. I don’t have the dowel poking out or
anything. It’s just nice and flush. So you’ll do that with all three of your trees
and then we’re going to be painting. So you don’t need to paint this top circle. So you
can slide that one off and then paint your gold or your silver around the edges and on
top of each layer. You’ll do the same thing with your stars. Either way, you can put it
together now and then paint it or you can paint them separately. Then when they’re dry
stack them together. Either way, I’ve tried both and they’re both pretty much the same.
So when the paint is dry it will look like this. Okay? Now we’re going to let that dry and we’re
going to work on our tree. Okay, one great tip that I learned is to pre pin everything.
So you just kind of prep your felt by sticking the pins in it. Make a pile of them and that
way as you’re working, you can just grab, instead of grabbing the felt, digging through
the pins, sticking it through and then going through the styrofoam. It just kind of simplifies
and speeds up the process a bit. So we’re going to start from the bottom and work our
way up. You’re going to poke these in so that half of the leaf is dangling off of the cone.
Now, by the way, I’ve moved on to the smaller cone. I just didn’t want that to throw you
off. So this is number three, if you’re trying to match it up with your wood pieces. Since
you’ve got more white pieces, you’ll grab more of those and then every once in a while,
you’ll just kind of add a little bit of color with one of the darker pieces. You can go
in spirals or in concentric circles, whatever you like. When you get to the next layer then you’ll
just poke it in like that so that half of the leaf is covering those little, the heads
of those pins, so they’re kind of hidden. You’ll move your way all the way up to the
top. Now another tip for the top, tip for the top,
oh my goodness. Okay, so stick your dowel in the top so you know where your center is.
This is where the star is going to be fixed and we can’t put pins in the middle or else
your dowel won’t fit. So just kind of stick it in there to get an idea of where the center
is and as you’re working on the top circle, you’ll put the pins around, so not in the
center, just kind of surrounding where that dowel will go, kind of like that. Alright? Now these cones are kind of shaped a little
bit funny. They’ve got a flat top instead of coming to a point. So you can manipulate
it just a little bit. When your felt is on there, kind of squeeze in and break down that
edge. Kind of sculpt it so that it’s more like a gradual angle instead of just that
sharp line. That will help these lay flat. If it’s still bothering you because they poke
up, stick a little bit of glue under the leaves and then smoosh them down. That should take
care of it. No problem. Alright, so you’re going to pretend like this
is all covered with beautiful leaves. And then, the next thing is to put our star and
our base on. So here’s my star all painted. I’m going to put just a little bit of glue
in the middle, like that and then my dowel will go in. Then you can also put glue on
your dowel when you stick it on the top. Okay. So it will fit right on the top, just like
that. Then for the base we will take the E circle
that we haven’t painted and the painted pedestal and we’ll add some glue here and then just
a little bit to the dowel itself. Then we’ll pit this on and I think I just smeared off
that glue so maybe I’ll put some more on like that. Then you’ll just stick it through the center
of your tree. There it goes. Perfect. Then you’ll let it dry and when you’re done with
all of them, you’ll have these cute little Christmas trees to display. Like I said, they’re
really cute clustered together, but spread throughout the house is kind of darling too.
I love these. Now we’ve got some really fun Christmas things
coming up as well as some other kits for the new year, so you’re definitely going to want
to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can be the first to know about them. Also, link over to our website. Check out
some of the other products that we have for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed Felted Forest
Gold and Felted Forest Silver from Apostrophe S. Make it yours.

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