(CC Subbed) Relaxing Abstract Painting with Faber Castell Water Color Paint Cakes

Hi Hello, how are you? My name is Vita Masli and welcome to my channel. as what the title is, today I’d like to share about my activities which is relaxing painting with Faber Castell water color paint cakes So I just found out that we can relax our minds by painting Well, actually I want to learn to Painting using water colors. And I found this, Faber Castell 12 water color paint cakes The packaging is really practical and compact, too … On the back side, there are drawing techniques examples using water color. I’m so curious to see what it looks like So, let’s unpacked it. Ok, my first impression, the shape is really like an eyeshadow palette really similar to eye shadow palette, isn’t it? It has twelve colors and there is also a free brush Really like an eyeshadow palette This is the free brush, number 9 Ok, this is just a little disclaimer, guys. I don’t know how to draw, actually. I don’t know painting either. But… I’m interested in learning Well, now let’s just swatch the color. I didn’t find a drawing book for water color painting. So, I’m just using my notebook but, let’s just give it a try .. Ok, I’ve tried the 12 colors and now I want to use the wet on dry technique. In this wet on dry technique, we wet the brush first Then without paint we brush our drawing paper then we color using the water color earlier I’m just just swatching here So I just mix it (I mean blending) and in my opinion, it’s not bad .. It’s actually okay for me. This time I used my brush, the size of which was somewhat larger than the free brush. I’m using the usual techniques I do not use the complicated techniques and because the theme is relaxing painting So, I don’t want to think a lot about color, composition and whatsoever What to draw, I just just blend the colors and I just free my mind This is kinda like abstract painting From what I read, it said, drawing or coloring can make our minds become more relaxed For this third image, I just tried to mix light blue with dark blue The interesting thing in drawing with water color in my opinion is if you failed, it can be erased using other colors on it. I wanted to draw a canoe, but it failed. So, i just put another color. Once again there is no specific technique I just free my mind, What color to use, what to draw What happens later, we’ll see. Ok, next painting. Again, I use blue. because I don’t know why, I just like the blue color. then I want to try the Tosca color image. Now I’m looking for how to blending it to get the color combination. This is really awesome, if you had nothing to do or if you have so many things going on your mind rather than doing nothing it’s better if you use doodle and mix the colors like that. These results actually look very good in my opinion I suddenly like mixing all colors with white When you are bored, you can move to the next page and you can blend any color you want. The result is really abstract but, it really can .. what is it … it makes the mind feel better, you know. Ok, quick review Faber Castell 12 Water Color Paint Cakes, in my opinion, are quite good for beginner painter or a novice painter like me. The twelve colors are enough to represent any colors that I want to draw. The blending is also easy and well done. So if for example I need colors that aren’t available from these 12 colors I can blending it with other color so easy. and the end result, in my opinion, makes me satisfied. As soon as the watercolor dries, there is no chalky appearance to the colors. transparency is cool. So I can make paintings with more depth by superimposing the color as you can see earlier I can coat colors many times and many colors too. and I can also combine colors more effectively The results still look natural. So, I think I love this water color paint The price is also reasonable. I bought it for forty seven thousand rupiah But maybe in other places you can get cheaper prize. And maybe tomorrow, I will practice drawing techniques that are behind this box. I’ll share it later, friends. So, that’s it for now. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. I’ll share again later, guys,on this channel. So, make sure you subscribe and ring the bell. Thank you, peace be upon you. I’ll see you later.


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