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This is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw. Today’s going to be Fun2draw a cute glass of lemonade step-by-step This will be great to draw with the other summer things and food from my Fun2draw channel First, I’m going to draw the rim of the glass with a straight line Now let’s draw the body It’s really curved It looks like a vase So we have these curves. Now let’s draw the bottom, which is also really curved And from the bottom let’s draw the actual bottom of the glass By drawing these two curved lines Now let’s draw the bottom’s bottom I hope I made sense Once we have the basic shapes of
the glass all done let’s go into some cute details Let’s draw a little smile It’s a happy glass Draw a big Fun2draw eye here Here comes the big pupil And to shade in the eye, I’m going to make everything really dark at first right underneath the highlight Let’s spread out the lines as we go down for a lighter effect And for this side, I’m not going to draw the other eye open, and instead let’s draw it winking It’s a happy glass of lemonade, just having a fun time in the sun So let’s draw it winking like that And if you want, let’s add a big, thick eyelash in there On a hot summer’s day, I love lemonade And also watermelon juice What’s your favorite type of drink? Let
me know in the comments below To make this look more like a cup, let’s draw the lemonade inside Let’s make it as fancy as we can – let’s draw a half-circle. So this is going to be a slice of fruit that’s wedged onto the glass It could be a slice of lemon or lime or orange This looks really good I’m getting thirsty And because this is a summer drink, let’s
make it really fancy by adding a cute little umbrella So draw these four lines first Connect them with these curved lines Don’t forget this part of the umbrella And after you’re done drawing this, you can go to my Fun2draw channel on YouTube where you’ll see 100’s of my other Fun2draw drawings, including a cute sun, watermelon, beach girl, or puppy in a sand
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