– [Voiceover] Be more. PBS. – Hi, I’m Carol Burnett. For 11 years, I had the
privilege of having my name on a show that was full of
music and dancing, comedy. Everything I loved. I will do Joan of Arc! And I did it with people I loved. People in front of the camera. – Surprise surprise! – And behind the camera. Who were so talented and so funny and made every show an adventure. Actually, we mounted, in essence, a musical comedy revue every single week. With new guests, new songs, new costumes. Can you imagine? It was so much fun. Rhett, I never realized what a virile strong hunk of man you are. I’m yours. – Not now, Scarlet, I’m pooped. – Now, I am so honored to
be here on public television supporting public
television by showing you some of my very favorite
moments from our show. Oh shut up. These are clips I picked out just for you. And I’ll tell you a little about each one of them as we go along. – Don’t suppose you have any comedy insurance down there, do you? – Please sit back, get comfortable, and let’s spend some time together. On PBS. (audience cheers) What brings you to Tara? – You, you vixen, you. Scarlet, I love you. That gown is gorgeous. – Thank you. I saw it in the window and
I just couldn’t resist it. (audience applauds) – That shape! That form. Why he looks almost like
the Pilsbury Dough Boy! – Did you hear that Max? Millions of people are demanding
my return to the screen. – Yes madam, you will be great. You will run the gamut of emotion. – Yes. – Give me jealousy. – Jealousy. – Love. Anger. Pity. Fear. Mmm. – I haven’t lost it, have I Max? I have every nuance, yes Max. I won’t disappoint my public. I will do a great epic. I will do Joan of Arc! – Oh, well. We were thinking more of
Knock ‘Em Dead Bug spray. – I will demand a million dollars! – Oh, well we only have
$250 tops on this one. We’ve gone over budget. – Max, you will be my director again. – Oh, well, uh, Herbie down at the office has done about 10. – No one will direct Madam but me! – Uh, well, you were our first choice. – We are ready for the
first day’s shooting, Madam. – I’m ready. (yells) – I’ll just give you a
little, little shot here. We’ll be right with you. – Hold your foot still, slave. I’ll chain you two together. – Hi. I’m a leper. – Oh goody. I’ve got another man out. Go on, Momma, it’s your turn. Ooh. Now Momma. Now lookie here Momma. You’ve got two choices here, see. What you can do is use that double and you can move down here and you can land on an opponent, see. And when you land on that opponent, you pick up this little
bell and you ring it and you say sorry! And then that opponent
has to go right back to where he started, see? You pick up the bell and you go sorry! Sorry! Because Momma, there’s
a little yellow fella. Right here that’s just
dying to be landed on. – [Voiceover] Be more. PBS.


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