Caramel Apple Craft Video / Fall Crafts / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Hi, guys. This Jenny with EconoCrafts. And today we’re gonna learn how to make this
caramel apple craft. So, first, take your red felt and your marker. And with your marker, you’re going to draw
a shape of an apple at the bottom of your red felt just like that. And then you should cut out your apple. Take your tan felt and place your apple halfway
on top of the tan felt and then outline the tan felt around the apple so you get the same
shape. And then make a squiggly line at the top. This tan felt will represent our caramel for
our caramel apple. And then cut out your caramel and you’re going
to glue your caramel to your apple. So, be generous with your glue and stick the
tan felt right on top of the red felt and press down. Now, add glue on top of your tan caramel so
we can add our glitter. Now, sprinkle your glitter on top of your
caramel. Tap off your excess, and it should look just
like that. Now, we’re going to glue on our googly eyes. Just do two small dots of glue and then glue
on our googly eyes to our red felt. So then flip over your apple and then you’re
going to take your popsicle stick and glue the bottom of your popsicle stick in the center
of the apple on the back. And make sure you press down your popsicle
stick really well and let it dry. And now you have your caramel apple craft. You can find all the supplies you’ll need
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