Hello there, I’m Zoey and this is an idea
how to make a beautiful, easy and inexpensive personalized DIY canvas quote. What you will need a canvas a printout of the quote sized to the proper measure of
the canvas; scissors some sticky tape acrylic paint and a brush a sharpie or marker in the color you like First, you need to cut out roughly the printed quote and place it on the canvas to ensure it fits and that it looks good. Try the paint or ink on a hidden place. Turn the canvas around. Carefully place the quote and fix it in place with some sticky tape. Next you will need to trace
the quote with a pencil. And for that you will need either a lamp,
a window, or bright display. Take your time with this step. Finally, you will
need to fill out the words with paint, Sharpie-pen or a marker. Be sure to use
new sharpie or new marker so you won’t run out of ink in the middle of the
process. Once again take your time. And that’s it. Ta-da! Your personalized quote is ready. You may choose a simple or more intricate design
to make it unique and your own. I hope that you will give this idea try. Thank you for watching. I will see you in my next video and till then stay happy and healthy. BYE!


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