Canvas Discussion Board: Providing Multiple Threads

As we move from blackboard to canvas
absolutely one thing that I’m going to really miss from blackboard is the
ability to have multiple threads and a discussion board where each thread is
distinct from the other one allowing students to respond to a thread without
getting confused and messed up by responses to other threads. canvas provides a
single discussion board where all the threads are in one long scrolling stream.
That can make it very challenging if you have a discussion board
with three threads and you want to give students the opportunity to see all of the
threads and be able to respond to two or of the threads. Here’s one way around it
That’s not as nice as still having blackboard but that works reasonably well. It is likely the best option until canvas makes the improvements that I
hope that it will be doing so with discussion boards. Okay so here are the
directions for an example discussion board where there are three possible
threads. You can view this one thread or all three. Let’s say you must make three posts
in total. The basic
solution I’m going to suggest that you apply number each of the threads, and then make a reply to the instructions for each thread. With three threads, you’d make three replies. For each reply, place a big number in that reply; a giant picture of the number one in the first reply. A giant two in the second reply; likewise a large three in the third reply. The benefit
of doing this is that the students can then quickly scroll down to the corresponding number of the thread to which they wish to respond. So, if they choose to respond
to discussion thread number one then they would just click the reply
underneath the one and their response would go there
if a student wants to respond to a fellow student then they would click the reply just
below the students reply and their discussion would be nestled underneath
the student that they are replying to. If someone decides to totally skip the
first thread entirely they can scroll down until they find the corresponding big number and make the reply. So I’m not saying this equates to blackboard in
any manner but rather it is one possible hack that you can use if you are going
into canvas and that was a feature of Blackboard you really liked. This is an option for you until canvas improves its game here

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