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Okay in this video I want to show you
how to make your links into buttons in Canvas. So as you can see we’re on a page
in Canvas. I’m going into edit this page. The links are already there, so
you’ll already want to have your links built, and then you go over to the HTML
editor. Once we toggle over to that you’ll see the HTML that’s happening
here behind the scenes. And really what we need to do is use this class=”button” so we’re gonna take this code. You can copy it, I’ll put it in underneath my
video, or you can type it out, it’s not that long. class=”Button” and we’re gonna put that right after, so it’s “a” at the beginning of the
link it’s that carrot “a” and then we’re gonna put this a space. Make sure that
there’s a space in there, and then I’m gonna hit paste and hit spacebar again.
So it’s “a” space class equals quote button quote space. I’m gonna do the
exact same thing on the next URL, and I’ve got that in there as well
now. So now I can either toggle back to the Rich Content Editor, but I won’t see
the buttons until I hit save, and I’m just viewing this page. There we go
now we’ve got the default little gray buttons. There are different colored
buttons that you could use if you want and that’s in these different the Canvas
Instructure style guide. So if we use these let’s go back here, and
instead we’ll do this button primary which is a blue button. So if I put a
space and tell it button primary or if I do a space that primary is a blue button
in this one secondary is like a dark gray. I’m going to hit save and I have got
my color buttons. Now if you want to the style guide in Canvas is gonna give you
more color options and button options. It’s at and that’s where you’ll find the buttons and other features available to
you but that’s just the real quick on making your links into buttons in
Canvas. I hope that helps. Bye!

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