Canvas Basic Course Navigation as a Student

This is a basic overview of navigation in
Canvas for students. So this is a student account inside of a sample
course – alongside the lefthand side we have the global navigation menu with links to the
account, our dashboard, all the courses in which we’re enrolled, the calendar tool, the
Inbox, here you can see that I have a message waiting for me in my inbox, and the help link. That’s the global navigation menu. Then I’ve got the course navigation menu listed. This is the menu specific to this Canvas 1A
course. So “Dip Your Toe Into Canvas.” That’s the name of the course, and then I
have the course navigation menu specific to that course. I’m looking at the content area, so right
now the homepage. I see an image; I see a title, a link, an
embedded video. There’s some text, as well as a few more links
at the bottom. So I’ve got a content page. And then along the right side, I’ve got the
right sidebar. So, I can see what’s coming up; I’ve got something
due tomorrow Nov. 9th at midnight. I’ve also got a writing assignment coming
up on Nov. 13th. So I see what’s coming up, and I also see,
as a student, that I’ve received some recent feedback on Module 1 Quiz. I got a 3/3, but the feedback say’s “You’ll
want to review chapter 3.” So that’s without clicking on anything. Just – boom – arriving inside of course as
a student. So I can navigate through the menu items in
the course navigation. This course navigation menu is kept quite
simple – there’s only 5 links here. Ijust got into the syllabus, find direct links
to take me into assignments that are due. We can go back into the modules link, and
navigate through the learning modules that are inside of this course. I could open up, let’s say, the Introduction. Once you are inside of a learning module,
you’ll see “Previous”and “Next” buttons at the bottom to take you through the pages of
the module. This is a page of content, images, text, links,
embedded videos. Go through to the next page of the module. And next, so you can see for navigation purposes
as it takes us through content pages, and then drops us directly into the graded discussion
that was part of that module. We can participate in this discussion by writing
our reply. We hit the Reply button and then I write our
discussion reply, and hit Post Reply. That then gets added to the bottom of the
discussion board. I can hit the next button to be taken to the
piece of the module which is a writing assignment. Once I’m ready to submit the assignment, I
can click the blue button. “Here is my assignment submission.” I’ll keep this real basic. So I write out my assignment submission, and
notice the options that i have in the visual content editor here. I hit my blue Submit assignment button, and
I have my submission time and date for this assignment. So let’s see what’s next in the module. Ah, yes, the Module 1 Quiz which I’ve already
taken a few times. I’ve got the option to take that quiz again. As I’m taking the quiz, I can go through,
and select some answers here. Hit Submit. It tells me how I did immediately because
that’s how this quiz is setup. I’ve got a couple mistakes there. I can go to the next page of the module. This actually takes me to the next module
itself, so that first module has ended, I made it all the way through to the Module
1 Quiz which was the last page of Module 1, and it dropped me into the first page of the
next module. So that’s basic navigation through Canvas
modules. I understand that was very quick. I just wanted you to see from the student
perspective how that works. So, Global Navigation Menu, Course level navigation
menu, content areas, and then the right sidebar. All of this was a student account inside of
a basic demo Canvas course.

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