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This video was made by the Academic Success Center at Oregon State University. Today we’re going to talk about two areas
of Canvas: assignments and grades. We’ll be looking at a sample course site for ALS 116,
a two credit academic success course offered by the Academic Success Center. Remember that each canvas course site will look a
little different. You might see different visuals, navigation areas, or content
available. So be sure to explore all of your course sites early in the term and ask questions.
Let’s start by looking at the assignments area. You can access assignments through
course navigation on the left. On the assignments page, you can switch
between viewing assignments by date or by type. In this course, we can see that
there are three main types of assignments: strategy tools, discussion board posts,
and the midterm and final. For each of the assignments, you can view the
due date and the total number of points possible. Now let’s look at the grades
area. The grades area is accessible in the course navigation on the left and
includes an indicator for grades that you haven’t yet viewed. So I can see that
there are three grades to view. The grades area can help you stay on
track with the course and view your progress. In the top right corner, you’ll
see the grade percentage based only on assignments that have been graded. You
can unclick the “Calculate based only on graded assignments” box to view the percentage
for all graded and unsubmitted or ungraded work. In the list of assignments, you’ll see points earned
and points possible for each assignment. So we can see that the test student earned two
out of two points for the Getting to Know You survey, has not yet completed the first discussion board post, and has earned four out of five points for the
time management tool. While seeing the grade number itself is important, be sure to access rubrics and written feedback from your instructor so that you can identify your strengths and use feedback to improve future assignments. You can click on the rubric
icon to access the rubric for the assignment. You can click on the dialog boxes icon
to view the comments from your instructor. You are also able to reply to
your instructors comments. To reply, click on the assignment title. When you access the assignment itself, you’ll see the assignment that you submitted, and you’ll
also see the instructors comments on the right. To add a comment, you can click in the
“add a comment” box, type your reply, and click “Save.” Replying to comments is a great way
to follow up with any questions you have and to show you’re engaging with and
making use of the feedback from your instructor. You can navigate back to the grades area
to return to the full assignments list. By accessing the assignment and grades area regularly, you can track your progress in the course throughout the term. Thanks for watching. If you have questions about
Canvas or want to talk through success strategies for a course you’re taking,
consider visiting the Academic Success Center, located in Waldo 125. You can stop
by Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, to talk with a strategist about
resources and tools to support your academic success. No appointment is needed.
For more information on academic support resources, visit the ASC’s website at

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