Canvas Art DIY: how to draw sunset & wave with acrylic paint

Hi! This is fingur Today we will gonna do canvas art with acrylic paint! If you want more videos about painting, please thumbs up and subscribe for this channel. We will paint these 2 types, wave with tiny butterfly and sunset on beach. Both are not difficult at all, so hope you enjoy! At first, you need a canvas, I used this small one. It’s width and height is 20 and 15cm. Start with sketch, just draw simple wave. And paint your drawing. I used those colors. We will express wave by layering lines. If you use cotton swab, you can put a tiny dot easily. And this is done. Second design is the sunset on beach. So as you can expect, the color of sky is so important. After simple sketch, make a base painting with lots of water. It will be the base coat which makes the color strong. And I used those colors for sunset. And put the sun with those colors. After that, draw landscape and cactus with black paint. So this is the end of our canvas art video. Hope you enjoy and get some tips through this, and I recommend you other great videos of my channel. Thanks for watching, see you!

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