Camping Tip – How to Season your Canvas Swag & Canvas Camping Gear.

– Hi, Adam here from Tentworld Ipswich. Just doing a demonstration
today on seasoning your new swag and how to get the best waterproof results from it, from new. Seasoning your swag is an
important part of the process because the needle that sews the stitch, actually is bigger than the thread itself. So what we’re doing is
wetting the swag down. What’s gonna happen there is it’s gonna close up those needle holes around the thread and pull tight with the hope that it’s going to finish that waterproofing process. When you’re wetting the tent, you really wanna soak the canvas, especially around all the stitching. It’s best to soak it, there’s nothing wrong with coming inside and targeting all the seams there too. Okay, after thoroughly
saturating all the fabric, we’re gonna come back once it dries and continue with the
next step of the process. Now the swag is dried after wetting it down a couple of times. The last step to the
seasoning process is to wet the swag again and look
for any leaks on the inside. Any of those leaks, you can
rub one of these wax sticks on the seam. And, basically, it’ll block
up any extra little holes that might be there. If the leak persists you
can use the wax stick on the outside of the seam as well. Alternatively, you can
use a seam sealer product. It’s a glue that comes in a tube and it’s actually called seam sealer. For peace of mind, you
can repeat this process until you’ve sealed up all of the leaks that you find your swag
or tent might have. Having done all this, you can rest assured that you’ll get years
of use from your swag and it’ll be a really
nice waterproofed product from day one.


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