Byte-sized Canvas: I Did NOT Know That, redux

Welcome to Byte-sized Canvas! I’m Helen Graves and this is the second
of my periodic episodes called “I did NOT know that!” Today I’m going to share four nifty little
Canvas tricks that will light up your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if your students could
check off each item in the modules as they get it done? Well, guess what? Canvas will do it for them! Setting up your module items with the requirement
to “view” means students get a little green check next to the item after they’ve
visited that page. No more frustration trying to remember where
they left off. And less frustration means more attention
on your content! Speaking of avoiding frustration, there’s
a way to restrict file types for assignment submissions which means you don’t have to
worry about students submitting documents in an unwanted format. In the assignment editor, scroll down to Submission
Type. From the dropdown, select Online, then tick
the box next to File Uploads and then select Restrict Upload File Types and type in the
formats you want to allow. The syntax is a little tricky—no periods
and no spaces. So, allowing .doc, .docx and .pdf files would
look like this. If a student attempts to submit a file type
other than one you’ve designated, they get a polite little message telling them which
file types are allowed. No muss, no fuss! Did you know that Canvas auto-saves quizzes
about every 5 minutes or after a student answers a new question? Details about the last auto-save occurrence
are shown at the bottom of the quiz. You can let your students know that if they
ever get kicked out of a quiz, don’t panic! They’re able to just log in again and resume. Of course, they still can’t exceed the time
limit, if you’ve set one.=-) And last but not least, you can now customize the location and order of the Course Cards on your dashboard. Just drag and drop to get things exactly the
way you want them. I love that! Plus, if you’re like me and you don’t
like the automatic colors that show on top of the course card images, you can turn off the color overlay so your images are shown to full effect. This is account-specific so the
arrangement you choose and whether you have the color overlay on or off doesn’t affect your students’ dashboards. That’s all, folks! Until next time, this is Helen wishing you
a Canvalicious day!

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