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Hello everybody welcome to Kids Cooking and Crafts. I’m Princess Chef Ava and today I will be showing you how to make Bubble gum and chocolate candy Easter cupcakes. To help me with this yummy treat I have here my friendly little bunnies. HI! So we already have our cupcakes made. Mmmmm chocolate. And the other ingredients are pink sprinkles, marshmallows, candy… These ones are bubble gum and these ones are chocolate. Mmmm chocolate. Last but not least, frosting! We will be making two different kinds of cupcakes. The first one will be a birds nest. Let’s put the grass in our nest using green frosting. bloop….bloop….bloop Sound effects are not required. But they’re really cool. Oh-Ah! Yay! finally my turn. It takes muscle. Get out of my face, before I bite yours off. Wow they’re mean bunnies. Now we just have to put the egg in the nest. I’m going to choose pink, yellow and blue. I’m going to choose the chocolate one pink, yellow and white. They’re so cute, yeah. Time to move on to cupcake number two. We will be making easter bunnies. Not like these two. You’re going to eat me?! Aargh… Now we’re going to frost our cupcakes to look like fuzzy little bunnies. Oh they’re going to look so cute. Awww like a fluffy little cloud. Now we’re going to make the fuzzy bunny ears. So what we’re going to do for this is we’re going to cut them slanted sideways like that. And then we’re going to cut that slant again in half. So now we’re going to dip them in these pink sprinkles so they look just like mine. All you have to do is one little dip because it comes up really well. Yeah because the marshmallow is already sticky. And then your frosting should have it stick. They’re so cute. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! This one turned out really good. Whoa. Aren’t they so cute. No for the finishing touch. All we’re going to do is add a cute little pink nose to it. So cute. Cute little bunnies, that I’m gonna eat. Thank you guys so much for making this Easter treat with us. Don’t forget to like subscribe and comment below on what we should make next. BYE!!! Hi guys, hi guys, HI how’s it going?

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