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Hello, I surely am glad you can join us tonight. Welcome to the joy of paintingdo. I’m your host Bob iOS S Without further ado, let’s start painting, shall we? All the color that I’m going to use are going to be mentioned down below. And you can follow up, you can either paint with me or you can sit at home and enjoy this amazing painting. That you’ll think I’m going to ruin at one point, but I assure you I will not. Because I can undo it. As the tradition I’m going to take the 2″ brush and beat the devil out of it. And put these aside. Let’s begin, shall we? Now I want to start with painting a blue sky And since I’m not a real painter, I can not draw straight lines Because my elbow stays in the same place so I make this arc move So for this I’m going to make the canvas smaller And start painting the sky. As it disappears in the horizon you want the sky to be lighter. I’m barely touching the screen, I mean the canvas. And at the bottom I want some sea so… Same blue Now as I’m going up, I’m going lighter and lighter. Like so Alright, now let’s have some fun. Now I’m going to switch to smudging tool. And start smudging the sky. Straight line Be gentle, very gentle. You don’t want to scratch the screen. Now let’s go down to the sea Now let’s start drawing some clouds. For this I’m going to use Jean-Claude Van Damme white Take the opacity a little bit down and then start. I’m barely touching the screen. Smooth. Just look at those clouds Just let them fly in the sky. Let’s call this cloud… Kyle… I like to name these clouds every once in a while, you know. As artists we must have these… Situations… And as artists, we should decide how to finish the sentence before we start saying it OK. Now I’m going to put the wind into the clouds. Simply touching, just always follow the pattern. I’m barely touching, look. Just touching, barely touching…. The tip of my pencil I mean 2″ brush. Beautiful, now let’s have some more fun. Going to go to my knife and I’m going to start drawing a mountain. Just look at that! It is a giant mountain. Now we don’t care about what’s happening here So you don’t need to paint that area We’re going to use the smudge tool once again. And start pulling it down. Start following the mountain. This is your world. You can do whatever you want in this world. This mountain… is so big… It is so firm… It is perky… It is so…. Majestic… That I, that I… What? What is that? What was that? Anyway, and now I like to put the highlights. Jean-Claude Van Damme white And my knife again. And I’ll start… Just look at it. This is your world. You can do whatever you want in this world. Now let’s add the shadows It’ going to be a delicate work so I want to get close. No pressure, just relax and make it happen. And if you want you too can paint almighty pictures. Just look at this! It’s a cold day. A lot of snow Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This isn’t real canvas, you know. Now we like to have that mist effect where the mountain is ending so for this I’m barely touching the canvas. Just slowly Look at that. Alright, now let’s have some fun. I’m going to start putting some bushes here. But remember… All of these bushes are individuals. So be gentle. Remember the bushes you’ve seen in your life Just close your eyes… Mmm. Just remember those bushes! Oh! Bushes, tiniest bushes you’ve seen. Yeah! I, I like those bushes! OK, let’s… not… have that much fun maybe! That was too much fun. OK. Calm down. Let’s um… It just got really hot in here. OK. Let’s um… Let’s finish these bushes because These bushes are making this studio a little hot I think. OK. And maybe I’m going to add some tress here. Yeah. Now I’m going to go ahead and add a little green. Always go in layers. Just imagine layers Look at this. We need some highlights Just going to add some highlights here. Just like that. Perfect. Now let’s take the smudge brush again and pull down. Like that. This is your world. These are your paintings, you can do whatever you want We want happy paintings. We want happy stuff. If we want sad stuff we would watch the news. Just look at that. Beautiful. OK. Now let’s try to have fun one more time But this time we’re going to be really careful. I’m going to put some bigger bushes here Just think about the bushes again. But this time, just be careful when you’re thinking about the bushes. These bushes are… bigger than the bushes before. And remember always go in layers. Just think how bushes appear… Just imagine those bushes… Like when I close my eyes and when I imagine the bushes I feel Oh them bushes. Oh! So much bushes! Look at them bushes go Just… I am… I am so sorry… I don’t know what’s going on I just had a drink before the show and um… maybe someone put something in that. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m terribly sorry. This isn’t supposed to be that much fun and I’m not talking about that kind of fun. I’m just talking about painting fun. So let’s just go back to the painting. Now I’m going to add some reflections to the bushes. The little bushes. Always follow the ground. Just like that. Let’s add couple of more here and there. Perfect. Now let’s move on the the bigger bushes. Just start touching. I spent a lot of time, creating these brushes. Mostly trial and error. I watched a lot of Joy of painting, not to be confused with joy of paintingdo But I watched a lot of those videos. Just remember these are all individuals. Let’s add some here because I’m going to make a reflection Now I’m going to switch to my smudging brush again and pull down. Pull it down just like that. And then gently swipe across Very gently Now I’m going to add a land All of these brushes are created by me. Don’t go too hard or you’ll scratch the screen and you don’t want to scratch the screen Just highlights here and there, here and there. Yeah. Now I’d like to add some trees. Maybe there is a tree right here. Well now there is. Let’s add one here. And you know they need a friend so let’s add another one right here. Right there Now I’m going to add some highlights, just here and there not everywhere. Just, just like so. Always know where your light is coming from And since I’m not a painter, I don’t know where the light is coming from. To add some leaves draw by their side Push harder as you come down Just like that you have a beautiful tree. Mmm! Just look at that! And if you want to add some highlights you can always go to a brighter color. Just add highlights here and there And now I’m going to give you a bravery test. This is the point where you think “Oh. Bob iOSS really ruined the picture” I actually won’t. Just bare with me. Let’s start adding leaves. A lot of leaves. Like that. Just like that. Some leaves here and there. Just look at those leaves. Beautiful and now I want to add some bushes. Let’s start adding these bushes and I want to name these bushes. You know what? I want to call this one Barbara. This is the Barbara bush! Yeah! It’s the barbara bush! Mmm! And I like to call the next one the Sue Ellen bush! Look at that Sue Ellen bush! It is a giant bush! And why not I’d like to call this one the She-Ra bush Oh you didn’t expect that, did you? yeah! And while we’re at it, let’s call this one the WonderWoman bush. Beautiful! You can name those kinds of things as an artist. These bushes mmm! yeah! Ohh! Definitely, there was definitely something in my drink. I’ve been doing this show for years… And never, never, ever in my life such thing ever happened. I’m deeply, definitely and I assure you I’m very sorry. Let’s keep painting. Now let’s add some trunk to our trees Yeah, like that. And then now, let’s add some highlights Just here and there not everywhere. Always leave the dark leaves in there. It will give the sense of depth Don’t try to cover them all and always work in layers Just like that. Let’s add some highlights. Now let’s go to the bushes. Let’s keep things together with the bushes now. When you see those trees just talk to the trees. Make friends with it. Just like I named the bushes. Red bushes here. Alright. And if you want to add you can add highlights. Now let’s have a path. For this I’m going to go to my knife. I just don’t know where this path goes. Let’s add some highlights. Now let’s add some bushes back. If you want to add you can add some grass. Well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it. Please hit that son of gun subscribe button. I must have a subscribe button on the screen. Hit that button and join the world do’mination. And let me know what you think about the Bob iOSS episode in the comment section pillow. And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşçakalın!


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