Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Canvas Water Hose Bag

– This is the water hose bag from Blacksmith Camping Supplies, a tough-as-nails way to
transport your drinking hose in your caravan. I’m gonna tell you all about it. Let’s check it out. (rhythmic electronic music) This is Snowys here guys, with
a tough and simple product from a brand called
Blacksmith Camping Supplies. Now, they’re a small team of people who set out just to make
really tough canvas bags for camping, four-wheel-drive, and caravan storage solutions. And this is their water hose bag. Now, it weighs about 285 grammes, about 38 centimetres in diameter, and about 16 centimetres in height. And it’s designed to carry
your drinking water hose, or be able to store it
securely in your caravan. Now, it’s made with a 370gsm or a 10 ounce rotproof and Dynaproofed
UV-resistant Australian canvas. The top is a 0.5 millimetre PVC. Now, this is essentially the PVC that’s used for outdoor blind, so it’s designed to be used
in really harsh environments, so it’s gonna last you a
lifetime on a bag like this. The zipper is a stamped plastic
zipper with dual sliders. Now, this type of zipper works well even if it does get a
little bit dusty or dirty, they still slide nice and easily. 38 millimetre webbing on the side, there’s just one handle on the side so that you can pull it in and out of your caravan nice and easily, and it’s all put together with a corespun poly/cotton thread, so they’ve even gotten there
into making sure they use high-quality thread to
keep it all together. And lastly, being a water hose bag, you will get a bit of water inside here, so you always wanna store the bag dry, but while it’s in use, there is an eyelet in the bottom here, so it does allow water
to escape out the bag. Now, the beauty of this
canvas being so stiff is that when you wanna store it, it sits reasonably upright, so it’s nice and easy to get your hose in. Now, this is a 20-meter,
12-millimeter diameter hose. I can’t roll it up any tighter, but it fits in there with
plenty of room inside. I can zip that up nice and easily. The sliders go both ways, so we’ve got two ends of it, so I can zip to whatever point I like, and there’s my hose stored inside the bag. Now, these are a long-lasting, durable way to keep your water hose securely stored inside your caravan or four-wheel-drive. These aren’t made to be the
cheapest bags on the market, but they are made to be the toughest. And you can grab ’em
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