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Hey everyone its Lauren welcome my
channel or welcome back to my channel today I’m sharing the best makeup
products of 2019 these are products I’ve been loving all year long I did this
video or like I filmed it last week and I had it ready to go live I had my
thumbnail created I had my video edited all that stuff and I just couldn’t make
it live and the reason is I felt like I didn’t fully stand behind each of those
products it wasn’t I just couldn’t say they were the best products of 2019 so I
decided not to upload that video I felt like I was just trying to put products
in there so that I could have a concealer category and I could have a
mascara category when in reality I didn’t think those products were really
the best of the best and I wanted to make sure that this video is full of
presents that I can fully stand behind and all these products will be linked
down below it without affiliate links or anything like that that way you know
like these are just slowly based off my opinion what I love and I compiled those
links just make things a little bit easier for you guys you can easily find
the products that I’m talking about I’m excited because I truly love all
products sitting in front of me and I can’t wait to share them with you um if
you would like to subscribe and you haven’t already I’d really appreciate it
if you do so if I clean that red button down below I just hope that you guys
know how much you mean to me I mean 2019 has been a roller coaster and it really
a real light in my life has been YouTube you know talking with you guys in the
comment section interacting with you in so many
different ways just really it’s been great and I don’t want to get emotional
or anything because this video is gonna be long enough but just know how much
you guys submit for me and 2019 and I cannot wait for 2020 I hope you guys
have a you know have had a great 2019 and have a great 2020 let’s go ahead and
get into it I need a stop blabbering here we go so I
have a giant box of just a few products because initially I had so many more
sitting in here or me to talk about so if you see me sitting like this it’s cuz
I have a giant boss and I just don’t want a mini over pulling products back
and forth it’s just I’m lazy like that and I want to go through the products in
order that I would apply them to my face I’m gonna try my best to have some sort
of order when talking about these products but if I skip a category just
know it’s probably because I meant to you it could also mean that it’s going
to come later in the video you never really know with me but this is leave-in
T and Beauty Pro filter hydrating primer here’s what it looks like it’s $32 this
primer is a little bit pricier but I find with hydrating primers
there for the most part meant for when you’re using a tinted moisturizer or a
lightweight foundation and that kinda irritates me because as often as I do
wear like lightweight foundations and I like having primers that’ll work with
those type of products I also want to wear you know full coverage foundation
sometimes and this pairs really well with a full coverage foundations and
also for spares well with the hydrating foundation that finchy came out with
which I find is a little bit more lightweight to medium coverage and in
feeling but this there’s two things I love the packaging and that it is a pump
which makes things so easy in the morning when I don’t want you know just
I don’t know I feel like kind of you know scurrying a cap off and squeezing
can be a little inconvenient a punk for me is just really nice um one thing I’ll
say is I don’t know if I’m just not careful enough but I feel like I take
relatively good care of my products and I mean I need to do a whole video on
just product packaging that’s awful this packaging I don’t know if you can see if
the lid is just completely cracked and broken it just I don’t know it seems
kind of flimsy for a $32 product but maybe I just did something and travel
and totally mess it up I don’t know but overall it’s a really nice product I
really really enjoy it and would definitely recommend it to people with
you know normal to dry skin like I said if you have more oi skin I think this is
going to be a product you might want to UM not buy but I know that they have
other primers Infinity’s range that are probably going to be good good or better
for people who have a different skin type of meat so this is a newer favorite
to me so take this with a little bit of grain of salt and knowing I’ve only been
trying it out for about two months now this is the Anastasio Beverly Hills
limited Foundation here’s what it looks like this foundation has been really
nice for not only like I’m wearing it today not only for filming days but also
on the everyday I just find that it wears throughout the day very nicely
especially for a more full coverage foundation I would definitely say this
has medium to full coverage and I just really like the benefits of that I
really haven’t found my skin to react poorly to this and sometimes when I’m
wearing a full coverage foundation all day long it can but I’ve really not
noticed any troubles with this whatsoever I will say I don’t know how
luminous it is I’ve been trying to you know wear it with normal primers and
luminous primers as well and I really haven’t found that it’s a bad way
which I personally don’t mind I don’t love worm is going to be super radiant I
don’t love her it to be typically Superman either so I feel like this is
kind of good in between just a real natural satin finish which I very much
been enjoying like I said like the way it wears I think it works really really
well I can attest to you know how well it works on other skin times what I know
from me and my dry skin it works incredible I promise I have more
drugstore products in this video or I have drugstore products in this video
however this next one is another higher in one and it’s definitely up there in
price I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about it this is the Charlotte Tilbury
flawless finish airbrush powder and this retails for $45
which is definitely very pricey but this is a miracle powder like it’s truly
amazing it’s kind of I’ve heard some people say it’s like facetune in the
compact and I really believe that to be true I find that it just completely
blurs my skin like nothing else can and I heard people say that I was like Yeah
right and I finally waited til I had a gift
card and I purchased it and I was so so impressed um and it just continues to
impress me I like using it all over my face is kind of a finishing setting
powder then necessarily underneath my eyes all occasionally use it but I think
it really does shine when you’re putting out all over the face is kind of a
finishing powder or even I kind of like to do it where I put it on before my
bronzer and my blush then I put on my bronzer my blush and I kind of use the
brush just with the excess powder that I had on before and just kind of like
blend everything out and it really it looks beautiful so here’s what the
inside of the compact looks like the powder is just very fine like you really
do not feel it whatsoever when you’re putting out in your face it has very
little tint um and so there’s only three shades this is
the shade fair and I would say if you have anywhere from fair to light to like
I don’t know just be careful go and store and swatch it because there’s only
three shades and I know that the medium shade is I just if you’re typically
someone who has lighter skin go with the fair like just go with the fair because
this one works really nice for me and if you have similar skin into me then
you’ll definitely enjoy this but I know here’s my thing here’s what I’m trying
to say is the shade range is lacking and hopefully now that I feel like more and
more people are talking about this a bill kind of amp up you know the shade
range and it’ll get better can you guys tell that I’m just super
out of it today like it has been the this week I know holidays are normally
like the best time but there’s just been a lot of stressful stuff going on in my
life right now and I’m trying to kind of work through it continue on um so if you
just think that I’m a little bit off it’s probably cuz I am the next fucked
is the Too Faced chocolate Soleil milk chocolate bronzer it’s $30 this one’s
our I’ve been loving you’ve probably heard me mention it and a ton of my
videos this year because I have um I’ll show you what the inside of it looks
like it does look a little bit more in G and it definitely has like a Tara why
can I get this out then it definitely has like a terra cotta undertone to it
it’s definitely more warm toned but it doesn’t come across a two to oranjee on
the face I really like this because how buildable and Alayna Bowl it is um I
just feel like it does a really nice job of just lightly like every single time I
put it on I feel like I can wear it up really nicely I don’t have to worry
about going in with too heavy on the hand I do always top off my brush before
I go in with this bronzer because I do use synthetic brushes so they’re very
smooth and they definitely pick up a lot of product so I do have to tap it off
but in general it’s a very buildable product and I just love the way it
blends in with my foundation and my blush it just looks really pretty and I
find that I can use it all year round because in the summer I can really build
it up to you know the more bronzy look that I’m going for and then in the
winter when I just want to like wash of color I can do that as well so here we
have another price of your product but this blush it took me a while to
purchase this one as well because it’s the most expensive blush that I have my
collection and I know that there are more pricier blushes out there but for
me this was pretty pricey it was a pretty penny this is the hourglass
ambient lighting and blush here’s what it looks like it’s got that nice
reflective packaging it’s $40 and here’s what the inside of it looks like I mine
in the shade diffused heat and you’ll see that I mean there’s a little bit of
a swirl going there it kind of has these like magenta stripes in it but it also
has that white shade and I feel like when they’re mixed together it just
gives the most beautiful it’s like this baby pink and I just think it gives this
really nice flush the cheeks that’s oh so natural and it has a little bit of a
sheen to it it’s got that radiance but it’s not too too crazy you know I felt a
lot of times with satin blushes they can look a little much they can be because
for me for highlight and for more shimmery products I wanted
to be more concentrated I don’t want it just all over my cheeks but for this I
think it’s really pretty and just adds a little bit of light back into the skin
which is totally something that I’m looking for in a blush so you know I
said there are categories throughout new products well um this category makes up
for it single shadows is this has been like the product of the years single
shadows have had my heart this year so I have three different formulas mention
four different products in total it’s a lot but I don’t have an eyeshadow
palette to mention and the reason is they’re like the I should Hollett that I
mentioned last year and my beauty favorites for 2018 and same with like
the concealer and the mascara all of this products I still fully stand behind
and those are my favorites tonight seemed kind of useless to mention them
again especially with how much I talked about them on my channel regardless of
me saying they were the best product event year so if you want to take a live
video I’ll have a link down below but eyeshadows so the first formula is a
little bit pricey and a little bit up there it’s the hourglass scattered light
glitters that are $29 each I have two different shades and I like both of them
I do have a favorite but the other one comes very much so this is the one that
it’s my second favorite I hate saying it like that but it is this is the shade
smoke and it’s just perfect for a really quick easy smoky eye I love putting it
and the outer V I also have been loving kind of like doing I don’t know I don’t
know how to describe it but kind of lining my upper lash line with it it’s
really pretty when you do it like that um and then I also have the shade
reflect this one totally has my heart I love using it year-round uh it’s just
beautiful it’s like this champagne rosy gold shade and it looks beautiful with
so many different looks I like pairing it with more of like a pinky look on the
face or more of a you know neutral Brown tone look it’s really pretty
so then we have a drugstore shimmer shadow that I’ve really been enjoying
this is when you’ve heard me talk about a lot this is the l’oreal chromatic
bronzed loose pigment in the shade eyes if this is incredible it’s a $12 shadow
that i really do you feel works very easily but also looks like you know it
took you so long did your eyeshadow when it really did not um this eyeshadow it
definitely is a rose gold shade it’s got a little bit of a champagne pigment to
it um you can see it’s just kind of like those Mac what are they call it like dub
press not press splitter is that stupid I’m like they’re loose glitters and you
know it’s really not hard to maneuver the way that I’ve been
just been doing it is a lot of product will build up on their top and I just
take my brush or even my finger and I’ll just apply it on the lid and I can
either at you know amp it up by using a pallet in conjunction with it or I can
just like blend it up into the crease and that’ll look really pretty
the last shadow it’s kind of a stat set so you’re getting three of them this is
the cost of beauty bento shimmer shadow trio in the shade of rose water that’s
what it looks like this comes with three different shades it’s $21 I think
already sets up but it’s whatever so this first shade right here is the
one that totally drew me in this is the one I definitely get the most use out of
I sometimes use all three of the shades together but this is one that I feel
like I use all the time here’s what it looks like it’s just this light baby
pink shade really pretty the difference between these and like the other two
shadows that I just mentioned is these are a lot more glittery they don’t look
as much on the pigment as they do the glitter um so if you don’t love love
glitter you may not love this there’s the next shade um and I feel like as we
go down it’s like this is the shade that I use the least but I still feel like I
get enough use out of it to you constitute the prize uh and then here’s
this last really pretty even magenta shade so this is beautiful I feel like I
can use it as a more cool gentle look and I use all three of the shades or if
I just want something a little bit more warm tone subtle then I’ll just go with
this top shade right here in conjunction with another palette so those are the
eye shadows I really love and we definitely recommend now let’s get into
lip products because I do have quite a few at lip products but they’re all like
at different types of products they’re not all the same you know lip gloss lip
gloss lip gloss even though I do have a lot of lip glosses to talk about this is
leave Sephora melting lip click and this is $14 in the shade caramel this is be
perfect for me my lips with that or color whenever I just want a little bit
of a tint to my lips nothing too too intense but just like I
don’t know can amp it up make me look a little more alive this is what I go for
what I love about this the best way to describe it is it’s like a four in one
it’s like a lip gloss a lip balm a lipstick and a lip oil and it has like
the best benefits of each of those type of products I mean it has the chant like
a lipstick would give you it has um well like bombing effect because it has like
castor seed oil and a bunch of other really good ingredients to nourish and
moisturize your lips like a libel because I’d like that slick
kind of feel to it that I just really like as long as the product isn’t sticky
I don’t personally mind having kind of a slick glide you feel to my lips I kind
of like it and then it has that glossy effect because of the way it looks on
your lips I’ve talked about this in so many different videos and I really
really would recommend it so what it absolutely breaks my heart that I’m
almost out of this because I’ve talked about it so much of my channel it is the
NARS lip gloss in Fe Lea and the screen gels for $26 first off I love the NARS
lip gloss formula in general but this is my favorite shade and how it’s been for
the past few years I think I did mention this one in my 20 18 favorites video to
be honest but I had to mention again because it’s what I use all the time I
love using it in the summer when I’m doing more warm tone I looks like that’s
typically what I do during the summer and I find this pairs beautifully with
that it’s just this perfect um shimmery rose shade that I just love wearing on
its own I love pairing it for a lipstick it is the perfect lip gloss for I feel
like I work for a lot of different people so highly highly recommend this
so I have two different lip balm formulas to talk about the first one is
the one that I’d like to use throughout the day just because of the really the
packaging of it makes it so easy but I also like the effects that has for my
lips this is Lila nage lip glowy balm here’s what it looks like this is in the
grapefruit version so it has like that grapefruit scent but it also has you
know a grapefruit like colouring to it um it smells amazing I don’t know if you
all have ever had like sparkling iced or if you had that where you live but they
have a grapefruit flavor which smells and tastes exactly like this like it’s
crazy probably because you know they’re both grapefruit Billy whatever this I
love so much because it’s a squeezy tube and for lip balm so that I’m applying
throughout the day I’m constantly applying lip balms I do not bring lip
balms with me that are pots that are squeezy tubes where you need to use your
finger to put it on the lips like I just like a product that I can easily apply
to the lips because I mean I don’t have I wash my hands pretty darn often but
when I’m in school I can just go to the bathroom in between every class like you
know what I mean like to go wash my hands like I have to pick up pencils and
books that so many other people have been using and touching it’s just I
don’t know like I feel like whatever you’re doing throughout the day it’s
kind of um I’m hygienic to just like randomly like you know put your finger
in and put it on your lips like it’s just kind of gross but I love this not
only for I don’t know the easiness I don’t know I can’t think the word I
just love it because of how easy the product means to work with but also
because of the tin it just gives a really really subtle pinky tint to the
lips but it also gives a really nice glow which makes me look more alive a
little more put together than my you know crusty lips when I don’t have this
product on so love applying it throughout the day I always keep it in
my backpack I really want to pick up some more like versions of it I know
they have like a parish in which I’m kind of dreams by because it’s kind of
like a clear color and I don’t love percent but I feel like I would really
like it in this now with achoo lip balm or like not that you live on but they’re
two different shades this is I have them for different purposes the first one is
one I’ve gone through multiple times it is the Vaseline creme brulée lip therapy
and these are really important both they’re like two dollars and this is in
a pot so obviously this is something I like to only use when I’m at my house
and this is something I use every single night before bed I love putting on a lip
balm and it’s nine times out of ten this one that I’m using um it just it smells
really good it reminds me of like it really just smells like vanilla to be
completely honest but you do kind of smell that vaseline under Tim but that
saline has it just is so pure of a lip balm like it does not have any of the
ingredients that are like excess and you don’t really mean um it’s really just
the basic ingredients I believe it has like shea butter and um I don’t want to
like go through and list all the ingredients because I don’t know as a
matter of fact off the top of my head but I could do a video on lip balms in
the future because I really love them but then I also have a different shade
and this is a newer one it to me but I really like using it as I’m applying my
makeup like to have on my lips just as I do it because I feel like a lot of times
it kind of prevents me from I can be a little messy with my foundation and it
can get on my lips and when I have a really emollient product on my lips I
don’t want that getting in my foundation because it just would be gross to have
that like on my skin so I like having a little bit of a tint and I think it just
kind of prepares my lips for whatever lip products I’m going to be putting on
a later in the routine this is the Vaseline lip therapy in the Rose version
it’s really pretty it looks like a come across really pink it honestly just has
more of a rosy tint to it I don’t love the scent quite as much it’s a little
floral floral but it’s not too too much um I don’t love
girl in general but I kind of don’t mind this I definitely like this scent better
but I like this tint better so it’s kind of a trade-off
all right guys that about wraps up today’s video if you enjoyed out I’d
really appreciate if you give it thumbs up I’m obviously not going to be doing
another girlie favourites video until 2020 is almost 7:00 end which is so far
away I can’t even think about it but in the meantime I like to do current makeup
favorite videos throughout the year I tried for a while doing monthly
favorites videos kind of work for a little bit and I tried doing you know
every other month it’s just gonna be as as needed if you don’t I mean like when
I have a lot of favorite products that I want to share that’s when I’ll do a
video when enough products have accumulated in my collection that I
really think are amazing and I want to mention and a dedicated video so that’s
kind of what you’ll probably see in the future if you guys enjoyed this one so
just let me know let me know what products you’ve been loving throughout
2019 in the comment section down below I’d love to try out whatever products
you guys have to recommend if you’re new here and you have already subscribed I’d
really appreciate if you do so to join the part of the family I promise I’m not
always this um of course like I’m trying to think of a word for like airheaded or
spacey but yeah I’m not always this discombobulated in my videos but who
knows in the future that could be where we’re heading to because it is my senior
year of high school and I am definitely getting senioritis but thank you guys so
much for watching I really appreciate it it means a lot to me everything that has
happened in 2019 in general but also with my channel just really means a lot
and I love all of you that I’ve kind of like created a friendship with and a
community with it really means a lot so thank you so much I hope to see you in
my next video and I hope you have a great couple of days till then bye


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