BB GLOW Demo | Protocol | Dr Pen X5/Dr Pen A6+Stayve Pigment

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am a master esthetician in Portland Oregon and I’m excited that you’re here with me today because we are going to finally be doing the BB glow treatment I am going to perform a demo for you And I’m just going to go through my protocol for doing a BB glow I am also going to list the protocol in the description box at the very very bottom so you’re gonna have to scroll to the very bottom so that you can kind of Highlight and print it if you would like to do that. I am going to use a bunch of products today That will make up this protocol But I want you to know that you can use things that you already own in this protocol You can use exfoliators that you own you can use serums that you own you can use masks that you own so Don’t feel like you need to buy all of these things These are just simply steps in a protocol and these are the things that I have chosen to use What is more important is that you know? The actual steps and the protocol then you can put in anything you want into those categories. Hope that makes sense So I want to get right into this and we are going to start with a double cleanse I’m gonna put my headband on and get started so if you don’t know the BB glow treatment is very very very superficial it uses micro needling at extremely shallow shallow depths to Infuse your skin with really good ingredients as far as serums are concerned But then also to infuse that super super outer layer with some pigment This is one of those treatments that you have to repeat several times to get any kind of longevity out of your results So that’s kind of why this is one of those treatments that I feel like would be really great at home Because you honestly have to repeat it Probably every four days five times before you’re gonna get any length of treatment results One treatment is probably going to last you a week at the very very most So you definitely do want to repeat it. Probably four or five days your first one now the way that I’m going to do this today is I am going to Do a double cleanse to start. My first product is going to be this by 1006 and This is actually called barefaced beauty and it is skin moisturizing cleansing oil This is by 1006 and I tried to choose some products you guys That were not as expensive because the actual starter kit for the BB glow treatment isn’t cheap So there’s no reason you don’t have to go crazy Expensive on a lot of the things in this treatment. There’s just a few that cost a little bit more So we’re gonna go ahead and use this cleansing oil since I’ve already been doing all kinds of stuff today and I’m traveling That’s why I am in a different environment So I’m gonna go ahead and cleanse my skin and I gotta tell you right off the bat this cleansing oil smells heavenly it smells like Coconut it does have coconut water. It smells like coconut and vanilla. Oh my lord and you guys it was under ten dollars and I picked it up at Ulta and it feels amazing – so This could be a new really good cleansing oil. I am all about Affordable cleansing oils. So we’re gonna get this first cleanse down Okay for my second cleanse I’m actually going to use this new cleanser new to me from ELF and it’s called bounce back jelly cleanser So what’s really interesting you guys and then again, it was very inexpensive. So we are gonna go ahead and use this one The texture this one – this one doesn’t foam which is totally okay with me Okay, the next step is to exfoliate your skin Now you can exfoliate with a manual scrub. You could dermaplane you could use a personal microdermabrasion You could use something like the kakadu sea peel pads You just want to do some kind of an exfoliation whatever exfoliation that you really like now for me today I’m actually going to go gentle and use the Dermalogica daily microfilament This needs a salicylic acid and it also uses colloidal oatmeal and I just really like this because it gives me a gentle gentle Exfoliation helps to kind of keep my pores clear and with that colloidal oatmeal. It is very calming So this is a great choice for me during this BB glow treatment. You can definitely go a lot more Exfoliating if you need that in which case I would probably recommend doing the personal microdermabrasion That is the perfect thing during this step if you want to kind of step up the exfoliation step so this product if you’ve never seen it is a powder so you put it in your hands like that and Then I am going to add a little bit of water and I’m going to exfoliate my skin So even though this is super gentle it actually does do a really good job of exfoliating well idea What the VB glow is that you’re going to exfoliate? infuse Hydrate, give yourself a glow so the exfoliation step is definitely pretty important Okay, this is when you could choose to use an LED Mask now I did not bring one with me I’m actually traveling when I’m recording this you guys but if you know pigment issues You might want to use a green LED if you are just shooting for some collagen You would want to use some red LED your skin is perfectly exfoliated, and there’s no obstacles So it’s a great time to give yourself a little bit of an LED treatment so then the next thing that happens after the LED treatment is When we start the micro needling portion of the BB glow now for today I am going to use two different pens only because I want to compare the two pens. You don’t have to use two pens I just have two so I am going to actually be using the new to me doctor pen x5 Which is a cordless model I’m actually going to be using this to do my light Mike kneeling this but this micro needling is only Maybe point to zero millimeters. It is a true cosmetic Shallow shallow shallow. Mica milling session And I’m just gonna go ahead and Micronesian some really good stuff. What I’m gonna do today is actually a cocktail from Costa Baja I am going to use their ethylic acid, which is extremely anti-inflammatory and this also has vitamin b3 which is – inna mine and it has vitamin b5 and it’s in a higher ilanic acid base now you Guys know that I really like Casta Baja and this was just a really good one for cosmetic needling I would not use this if I was Micra kneeling for collagen I would still just use my Kosta Baja higher Lana Cassatt. So this is just for Nano or for SuperDuper shallow cosmetic needling So I’m going to go ahead and needle this in at point two zero now I Applied the higher ilanic acid serum you guys and I’m gonna try to work fast because I really don’t want to touch my face in Any way just going to get some channels down with this first micro needling Okay, so I have gotten some channels down now I am going to apply the pigment and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to use the medium shade and I will show you guys this kit looks like this I’ve showed it before I ordered it on Amazon and it came with a lot of different pigment Which is really cool because if you decide that you want to get into like contouring and that kind of stuff with this you can But it has these light shades Rosy shades if you need a little bit of kind of more pink in your skin then of course It’s got the darker tones as well, which can also be used for contouring or if you have darker skin You can use that then these are medium. So you get four of the medium shade in this kit Now you can obviously custom mix your color You can mix any two or three together to get the right shade which is why I really like this kit because I’ve got this Very light and I’ve got this dark and if I really wanted to once I’ve run through My medians I can still custom mix a shade and pretty much you use a lot of this kit just by mixing The light and the darkness together and a touch of pink or tone. You know that kind of thing So it’s a really good kit. And so this is the medium shade that I’m going to use now I really really want to stress that this is absolutely Superficial this pigment is not being pushed into my skin any farther than about 0.15 it is absolutely going to stay in that very very outer dead layer stratum corneum So it is not getting pushed in any further than that And I do not recommend that you set your microneedles any deeper than that There’s just no reason that’s part of the reason why I think that this is a great at-home treatment Because it really is so superficial that you’re going to wash off exfoliate off that layer within a week certainly within a week, especially if you’re somebody who does any kind of you know, anti-aging treatments or acid or manual scrubs Clarisonic any of that kind of stuff? You’re just going to get rid of this right away So that’s part of the reason why it has to be repeated so It’s pretty spendy to go in and get this treatment done every four days or something like that if you want this treatment to stay So I think it’s pretty cool for at home actually. Okay. So now with this one I am going to go in and use my doctor pen a six I just really wanted to compare these to My chameleon pens, so I’ve got my cartridge on here and I am going to set this again at the point one so at this step you could either nano or you can set your needles to Extremely shallow. So for me, it’s going to be 0.1 Which is the most surface the idea is that you’re just letting that pigment just get barely in to that Very very surface. So that’s what I’m going to do and I am going to apply this pigment to my entire face I’ll be right back. Okay, so I have the pigment spread all over my face I wash my hands before I put it on that thing I don’t really want to use a brush or anything because I don’t want to waste any of the pigment now again I can’t stress enough that this part you want to keep your needles or your nano set SuperDuper shallow The first one where is needling in a serum? It’s okay for that one to be about a point – this one should be even less than that so like I said I have this at about 0.1 and I’m just gonna sit and I’m going to needle this in until I feel like it is the max absorbed So you can see This is also part of the reason why with that last session I did a really light micro needling I did not go over and over there weren’t a bunch of passes It was just a really light, you know you guys saw me just go around my face just Briefly with that point – because I really wasn’t trying I just wanted to infuse some of that good serum Now I want to tell you that originally when I ordered this BB glow kit. I did order something called Salmon DNA and guys when I got it it had gold flecks in it and No matter even if it’s superficial that is not something that I recommend Putting in your skin so unfortunately, I won’t be using that and I know you’re gonna see that when you see these kits online and I just highly highly recommend that you don’t use the salmon DNA because it’s got those gold flecks last thing you really want to do is to You know insert gold flecks into your skin. It’s just not a good idea So that was a waste of I don’t know hundred dollars kind of blows So I literally sit here and I’m gonna work this pigment in Now I chose the light pillar because I actually with my melasma Like to lighten up my face. I like the idea of you know getting my face to match my neck just a little bit more because as it is right now my Face is so much darker and then my neck So for me the idea of infusing a little bit of pigment that will help my face match my neck It’s kind of cool Now again, you can do this step with nano or and you can see this you guys this doesn’t even this is so superficial It feels like nano. It’s it’s vibrating So I am not even I mean this would be the most shallow cosmetic feeling possible. It’s almost zero You can tell when the pigment starts to kind of it’s starting to set almost So you’ll know when you’re done because you can’t move the pigment around anymore Now they say that you can do you know around your eyes just be really careful that you don’t overdo around your eyes So you can cause irritation Now as far as these two micro needling devices guys I don’t really feel a big difference between the x5 and the a6 but That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a big difference I just have to tell you that They both feel you know the power feels similar and They both feel equally You know competent in doing what they’re doing. So it’s an interesting kind of first impression of just a comparison of the two Okay, so I would say that I have the pigment You know needle in as far as I want now, you can see that there’s a lot left over that kind of thing There is a lot on my skin So this is when I’m going to put on a sheet mask now I think that what’s the best thing to do right now is something that is going to just feed that top layer I picked out this one from Pacifica. This one is chamomile its peptides It has hyaluronic acid and pomegranate. It’s just really good hydrating antioxidant, you know, great kind of sheet mask I’m gonna put this on I’m gonna leave it on for at least 10 minutes And just let everything kind of soak in when I remove this mask The treatment will be done and at that point I don’t want to get my face wet. I need to avoid sweating I don’t want to wash my hair. I don’t want to take a shower. You don’t want to be in steam You also just don’t want to wash your face. So you want to try and not do any of that stuff for 24 hours. So Really want to plan this out timing wise I am gonna check in with you guys tomorrow morning and kind of give you an idea Of what it looks like having not touched it Just gone through the rest of my day normally gone to bed Get up tomorrow and I’m gonna give you an idea of what it looks like the next day Then I am I’m gonna post this video you guys, but I’m going to repeat this Another two times and combine that into one video so that you can see what a BB glow looks like when you repeat it every four to five days and What those cumulative results are if there are any so let’s get this mask on Not that it matters at all, but look at the eyes are cut out in hearts, that’s so cute Okay, guys, I’ll be back in about 10 to 15 minutes in about 10 12 minutes and I’m gonna remove this mask and You can see some of that accents comes off on the mask not a ton though you guys saw how much I put on to begin with so now here’s my skin just After so you can see that there is, you know, there’s an infusion there But it’s not like I have on makeup you guys it is not that kind of coverage You have to repeat this several times for that So that’s definitely something important to note now for the next 24 hours What I do want to do is I want to avoid again I want to avoid washing my face getting my face wet. I definitely am NOT going to wear any makeup anything like that I’m just gonna let this sit and soak in who should not do BB glow if you’re pregnant You don’t want to do BB blue if you are on accutane You don’t want to do BB glow if you have a history of skin cancer Or if you have skin cancer or you’re worried about that I definitely wouldn’t either because There is one of these steps you can incorporate growth factor when I use the a flake acid. You could use a growth factor During that step and you definitely don’t want to do that if you have any chance of skin cancer or you have had skin cancer Also if you have cold sores you definitely want to talk to a physician and possibly take an antiviral before you do this treatment and Kind of protect yourself from that and definitely if you have an active Col sort don’t do it You definitely don’t want to do it for in when you have an active call So in the next 24 hours, you definitely do want to avoid using any of your kind of you know Want to scrub your face. You don’t want to use any of your retinoids? You don’t want to use any of your acids that kind of stuff. Just want to leave your skin alone you want this all to set in so I don’t know if you guys can tell but I definitely have a glow and part of that’s from what I infuse part of that is from doing some cosmetic needling, but when I get up tomorrow, I will definitely give you guys a look and like I said I will do follow-up videos that will show kind of how the results can be Compounded and how you can get even more coverage with subsequent treatments So again, I’m going to list this entire protocol in the description box I’m going to list everything that I did use today but I’m gonna try and list as many alternatives as I can and just know that you probably have plenty of things in your Cabinet that you can use during these steps You don’t necessarily have to go buy a bunch of new stuff To do this treatment if you have a micro needling pen and you have this starter kit then most of this other stuff You should be able to pull from your cabinet that you already own this So, I hope that this was helpful and I will check in with you guys in the morning. But until then I Will see you soon. Okay guys, so it’s very very early in the morning But I wanted to check in with you and just kind of show you now I might have gone over this area a little tiny bit too much because see how it’s a little there’s a little bit of Pink and it’s a tiny tiny bit Swollen, I mean it’s a tiny tiny bit right there So I caution you when you’re doing this treatment, you know just be really mindful. It’s very very shallow But even with shallow depths if you go over this under-eye region too much you can get a little bit of swelling So be careful with that But if you can’t see my skin tone is actually pretty even for me for me And I am definitely hydrated my skin feels very very hydrated So I’m excited about that aunt where I am traveling is Incredibly more dry than where I live. So Just the fact that my skin feels super hydrated is a big big win And really I’m really enjoying this treatment you guys I hope that this protocol was helpful And I’m excited to do the follow-up treatments and create that video for you guys So you can see kind of this. The first treatment is definitely less to me about Coverage and more about just infusion and the beginnings of that coverage. It is definitely Treatment two three four where you’re gonna start to see your skin look like you’re already wearing foundation, but you got to start somewhere Right. So I hope that this protocol was helpful and I will see you in the Friday Q&A


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