Barrington Pottery – Artisan and Craft – The National Trust Shop

We go past the trees and you see the colours and shapes and nature and just to work in such a fantastic room just gives you a real sense of what we’re trying to create in traditional
crafts. Times have changed, and technology is
changing but I think there’s always going to be
a place for traditional craftsman skills. At the age of around 12 at school I got on the wheel, I thought wow, this is fantastic. When you’re on the wheel, throwing a shape, you see other shapes as you’re getting to the final one that
you’re making, so new pots are coming up and new ideas are coming forward all the time The shapes are done by hand, the colours are mixed by hand, the
glazes are made by ourselves. Everything is unique to us in this barn. Really nice to hold on to some of the
traditional crafts that otherwise would die out. Barrington Court, this National Trust property, is just a beautiful place to make country pots in.

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