Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP1: Let’s Draw Bada l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Hi, boys and girls!
Welcome to Badanamu Arts & Crafts! Today, we are going to learn how to draw our best friend, Bada. But, to do that we are going to need my very special friends, the Handy Helpers. Hi, Handy Helpers!
How are you feeling today? Great! Are you ready to draw? Okay! Then here we go! First, we need paper. Okay Next, we need crayons. Hmm. What color should we use? [gasp] I know! How about blue? [singing: blue] Great! And next, how about pink? [singing: pink] Okay, almost there. One more color. How about yellow? [singing: yellow] Fantastic!
And the last thing we need is a marker. Okay, Handy Helpers.
It looks like we’re ready to draw. First, how about we start with one big circle for Bada’s body? Yeah, just like that. Good job, Handy Helpers! That looks great! Next, let’s do some more smaller circles for Bada’s eyes. Handy Helpers, how many circles do we need? Three? Four? How many eyes does Bada have? I think just two will be okay. One. Two! Now, are they finished? What do we need to do? Oh, that’s right! We need to color them in with blue. Fantastic. Now what shall we do next? [gasp] I know! We need to draw Bada’s cute little ears. Hmm. We can do that by making four C shapes on the top. Just like that! Looks good. [gasp] Uh-oh I see something else that’s missing. Bada doesn’t have any arms or legs. Can you draw them? Let’s start with the arms. One arm. Two arms. Now Bada can wave ‘hello.’ Okay, now we need to do the legs. One leg. Two legs. Wow, he’s looking pretty good. Almost finished. What do we need to do to finish Bada? That’s right. We have to finish his face. We need his little mouth and his cute little Bada nose. Let’s start with a small circle for the nose. And now some little curves for Bada’s mouth. He’s almost done. But I see the pink crayon there.
What do we need to use the pink crayon for? That’s right. We have to color in Bada’s nose and ears. Wow! He looks so cute! Wow. I think Bada’s fini- Oh? Wait a minute. Something’s missing. Handy Helpers, what’s missing from Bada? [gasp] I remember! Bada’s yellow boots! We need to draw Bada’s yellow boots. Can you draw them, Handy Helpers? One boot. Two boots. Everyone, can you remember what color Bada’s boots are? That’s right! They’re yellow!
[singing: yellow] Can you color them in, Handy Helpers? Wow. I wish I had a pair of boots like that.
They look great. Except. Wait a minute. Oh no! Bada’s not wearing his boots! Oh, what are we going to do, Handy Helpers? [gasp] Do you have an idea? It looks like Handy Helpers have an idea. What’s that?
[gasp] A magic wand! Okay, everyone.
I need your help. Let’s count down from 5
then say the magic word, ‘Badanamu.’ Ready? 5 4 3 2 1 Badanamu! Wow! Well, hello, Bada! Where are your boots? Good job, Bada. Okay! Bye-bye, Bada! Well, that’s all the time we have for today, boys and girls. Who would you like to learn to draw next time? Mimi? Punk? Curly? Jess? How about Abby? Just leave a comment below with the character you want to learn to draw next time. Bye-bye, everyone!

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